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Red Sox Talk: Rosenthal Reports Players Think Farrell Doesn’t Stick Up For Them

Red Sox Talk: Fox’s MLB Reporter Ken Rosenthal Reports Red Sox  Players Think Manager John Farrell Doesn’t Stick Up For Them Enough

Another day, another report that states something Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell has done wrong at the helm.

Today’s report comes from FOX’s MLB Reporter Ken Rosenthal who titled an article “Trying times for John Farrell as Boston Red Sox manager“. In it, Rosenthal writes that Farrell could’ve been fired on Monday, “if the Red Sox had not avoided getting swept four straight in Oakland by winning the final game of the series.”

Just because they avoided a sweep, that does not mean that Farrell is all of a safe. He’s not. Rosenthal writes, “It might come next week, if the Sox fail to ignite during a six-game homestand against the Rangers and Mariners,” but also acknowledges that it might never come if the Red Sox actually start “playing up to their capabilities day-in, day-out.” Whether the team gets it going or not, it sounds like the issue between Red Sox players and their manager goes beyond just what NESN cameras have captured this year like second baseman Dustin Pedroia saying, “It’s not me, it’s them,” while pointing behind him to the Red Sox dugout after Manny Machado got a fastball up by his head, and Farrell’s fight with Drew Pomeranz in the dugout this past weekend.

Farrell, even when he won the 2013 World Series as a rookie manager, was not popular in all corners of the clubhouse. Some players, but not all, believe that he does not stand up for them strongly enough to the media when the team is struggling, sources say. Some also question Farrell’s game management, talk that exists in virtually every clubhouse, but some more than others.

There has been plenty of commentary over the years pointing towards poor in game management, not a locker room guy, and not a leader the young players believe in which has caused some former players like Travis Shaw to come out and voice his displeasure with Farrell on Jared Carrabis’s Section 10 Podcast.

Farrell has and will be a topic of discussion until he is either fired or his team starts winning baseball games and can get significantly over .500. Until either of those two things happen, there will continue to be these kind of reports. Some Red Sox fans want him gone, the others want him to stay. But for those who want him to stay, they often go with the defense of you think you could do better. But that defense is pointless, of course the Farrell ousters do not think they could do better, but a baseball mind who is qualified could indeed do a better job.

At this point the fact that Torey Luvullo followed Mike Hazen to Arizona, complicates who the potential replacement would be. For that reason I think for the moment, the Boston Red Sox should keep John Farrell, there are too many variables like David Price being injured. offensive issues, and bullpen injuries that have affected Farrell’s ability to successfully manage the team so far this season. If they continue to sit around .500 in two months, then maybe a revaluation should occur, but at this point I do not feel another manager would get more out of this team at the moment.

Red Sox Talk: Rosenthal Reports Players Think Farrell Doesn’t Stick Up For Them
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