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Red Sox Talk: Roster As A Whole Is Mentally Weak

Red Sox Talk: Roster As A Whole Is Mentally Weak

As I sit here and right this the Boston Red Sox are 34-27 and sit 3.5 games back of the first place New York Yankees. The Red Sox have a good team this year, a lot of money on the roster with an abundance of talented players and were one of the favorites to win it all. But something doesn’t feel right, this team does not pass the smell test.

Now I cannot tell you specifically why, but I do have some running theories into it.

One thing that has always been there for me with the Red Sox is passion, a passion that only a true fan would feel. But for some reason this years team just doesn’t do it for me. I feel nothing, Mookie Betts hits a home run, nothing, Chris Sale strikes out another batter, nothing. It is only June, but that it isn’t the reason for this nothingness that I am feeling towards this years team.

They lack grit, they simply do not feel like a true representation of what it means to be a member of the Boston Red Sox. They lack mental toughness as a group, they are too sensitive, they lack leadership.

Don’t get me wrong, the above description is for the overall roster and not specific players like Chris Sale who is clearly a great fit for Boston. But instead that is a representative of players like David Price, and I hate to say it but Dustin Pedroia.

What has happened to the former MVP and rookie of the year? ” It wasn’t me, it was them”, that comment was it for me on Pedroia. He threw his team under the bus and looked so weak doing it, where is that usual fire from him?

Then you have a mentally weak pitcher like David Price who would actually read an opinion piece like this and take it to heart. He blows up on the media for coverage that in reality hasn’t been nearly as harsh as it would have been 10-20 years ago. Now at the time I approved of the Price signing contingent on him opting out, but I had no idea of how soft he was as a player.

This years team should compete in the postseason, it has the talent, but it is so vanilla. It has the feeling of the 2011 team that had pitchers drinking beer because why not. When David Price lashes out at the media the day before a start and then goes to the bathroom in his pants the next day, you might have a problem.

I have covered the team on a semi-professional basis for the last year and a half, so maybe that has affected my feeling as a fan as I transition into being a member of the media. Maybe it is the lack of David Ortiz, but this years Boston Red Sox team is not tough enough to win in the playoffs.

I am not trying to be an alarmist, or even hate on the team, but watching this team over the last several months has created some enlightenment into who they are as a team. Maybe as the season develops or a roster change will get back my feeling of being a fan, but for now I am a non-bias writer.

Red Sox Talk: Roster As A Whole Is Mentally Weak
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