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Red Sox Team President Dave Dombrowski Defends John Farrell

Red Sox Team President Dave Dombrowski Defends Manager John Farrell During Pregame Interview On NESN

With the vultures circling around Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell, a friend has come to his aide to help draw the pressure off of the questioned head coach.

Boston Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski went on NESN’s pregame show on Tuesday to come out in support of Farrell just hours after Fox Sports MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal came out with a report essentially saying Farrell was almost fired this weekend.

“Well, we won a divisional crown last year,” Dombrowski said. “He managed very well for us at the time. I think that John, as well as everybody else, is frustrated by our performance and that we haven’t taken off, but we’re not buried either. I mean, we’re four games out of first place and we really haven’t been in a flow. And when you look at it, it’s like, OK, last week Thursday we won two great games in St. Louis. I wasn’t with the team, I was in Salem.

“Well I looked at the match-up on Thursday, and I’m thinking, well if [Sonny] Gray throws like he’s capable, I’m not sure what we’re going to get out of [Hector] Velazquez at that particular time. And of course, Velazquez didn’t have a very good outing. So you lose that ball game. Is that John’s fault? I can’t put that on John.

“Friday night, you have Chris Sale, he threw the ball very well. Well the play that Trevor Plouffe made on Hanley Ramirez, I don’t know if he’s made a play like that all year long. Mookie Betts, in the ninth inning gets a line drive right at the third baseman. Well you have a chance to score five or six runs, didn’t happen. No excuses, but it’s one of those where I think to pin those things on John Farrell are just not fair. I think we’re in a position where he’s managed well, he’s managed divisional champions. I think we’re in a position, we have a good club. We just need to get in a better flow of things.”

With all the injuries and issues the Boston Red Sox have had, Dombrowski feels it is simply to early to judge Farrell and the Boston Red Sox roster.

“Because the reality is when you look at our ballclub, it really hasn’t been together at all at any point during the year for me,” he said. “So I think when you look at it, you say OK, well, we need to improve our fourth and fifth starters. Well, David Price comes back next week — we think he’ll be back next week. So that’s a pretty big addition, that’s like making a major trade.

“I still think Drew Pomeranz, although he has scuffled at times, should be a fourth-, fifth-type starter on a good club. … We need to straighten him out. I think he’s capable of doing that. When you talk about bullpen, our bullpen’s been good but I still think we’re going to get Carson Smith in a short time period, so that’s another addition that we have.

“Third base, you know has been a hole for us where Pablo Sandoval could be back very soon. I’m not sure where Brock Holt fits into that whole equation. So we’re really on our fifth third baseman right now when you look at it. Pablo is there, and then Brock Holt was there. Marco Hernandez is going to have surgery, we’re going to miss him for the rest of the year. Josh Rutledge has been over there.”

If you read my piece on the Rosenthal report you would have seen my thought align with Domrbowski’s at the moment, with the understanding a lot of the trouble so far this season is not the managers fault, but the fault of the roster he has been given paired with injuries.

In two months time, if the team is still around the same winning percentage with a healthy roster, than maybe, just maybe you make a move. But with no easy option on the potential replacement market, the best option in my mind is to play out the season and then check back in when it is all over and make a determination at that time.

Red Sox Team President Dave Dombrowski Defends John Farrell
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