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Boston Celtics

SI Drops The Ball In Celtics Grade

Sports Illustrated Drops The Ball When Handing Out Boston Celtics Offseason Grade

How would you grade the Boston Celtics offseason so far?

Good, bad, so-so?

Well according to Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Sharp the Boston Celtics offseason has been average at best with a C rating. In an offseason that saw the Celtics sign Gordon Hayward and take Jayson Tatum with the third pick, Sharp claims the offseason is more about what they failed to do.

“Processing the Summer of Ainge means considering not just what happened, but what was possible,” wrote Sharp.

Sharp claimed that the team failing to trade for Paul George and drafting Tatum instead of Markelle Fultz was big misses. He also claimed that trading away Avery Bradley could expose Isaiah Thomas on defense.

Sharp deeply questioned the future of the Boston Celtics.

“Without Paul George they’re not all that well positioned to contend next year, and without Fultz, the young core still doesn’t have any player who looks like a future superstar,” he wrote. “Maybe that will come via next year’s Nets pick? Or the Lakers/Kings pick? Or another trade? Or maybe it’ll change with a promising rookie season from Tatum. The only guarantee is that arguments about the Celtics will continue for at least another few years. This is our new version of the Sixers. Everyone in basketball has an opinion on what the Celtics are doing with their assets, why they’re doing it, and whether it’s stupid or brilliant. I’m just not sure it needed to be this complicated.”

But what Sharp fails to comprehend is how basketball and the NBA works.The Celtics didn’t sign Hayward as a result of missing out on George. To be frank, Fultz looks as much of a superstar as Tatum. Obviously, there has only been summer league action so far, but to disregard what Tatum could be is foolish.

Ultimately this piece by SI was meant to a flashy piece with little actual substance. The Celtics future is set if you have taken a look around the Eastern Conference. Between Jaylen Brown, Tatum, and future draft picks the Celtics are bound to have a true superstar.

But for now the team only has a player who finished 5th in the MVP vote, an annual all-star big man in Al Horford who can shoot the three, and a small forward in Hayward who scores 20+ points a game, and Oh before we forget, two back-to-back No.3 overall picks just in case.

SI Drops The Ball In Celtics Grade
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