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Spell Your Favorite Boston Team without an ‘S’? and other unusual facts

Spell Your Favorite Boston Team without an ‘S’

Some of us writers have a tendency to be up late at night pondering ten thousand ideas. As was the case with me a few nights ago. I was up late contemplating a few stories in my head and I began to research some history about some of our beloved teams.

What I found were some weird and not-so-well-know facts. I find some of them very entertaining and I wanted to share them with our readers and fans. Here are 10 of the most unusual acts I found.

1. Boston Whirlwinds? Unicorns?

According to team owner Walter Brown, the name was chosen because “Boston is full of Irishman,” But it was the other considered names that deserve highlighting: Whirlwinds, Olympians, and Unicorns, among them.

2. The Red Sox have a patent on a color
Fenway Park is another American icon found in Boston. It’s Green Monster is so renowned, The Red Sox have actually patented the shade “Fenway Green.”

3. Among Ted Williams’ many records, he set a student gunnery record as a World War II pilot. The test emphasizes reflexes, coordination and visual reaction time and still stood, as of 2002.

4. Boston gave us candlepin bowling
In 1880, Candlepin bowling was invented in Boston. Candlepin bowling is similar to the tenpin bowling most are familiar with, with a few key differences in equipment.

5. The Boston Bruins name is spelled “BQSTQN BRUINS” on the Stanley Cup for their 1971-72 title.

6.Bill Buckner had more hits than Ted Williams

7.    Spell your favorite Boston Teams nickname without an S?
Most teams in the top-four North American professional sports leagues have nicknames that end with the letter “S.” Here are the clubs that don’t: The Miami Heat, the Utah Jazz, the Orlando Magic, the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago White Sox, the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning. All NFL team names end with the letter “S.”

Major League Soccer, as you’ll see, goes against that trend, having more non-S nicknames than the other leagues: DC United, New England Revolution, Columbus Crew, New York City Football Club, Orlando City Soccer Club, Toronto FC, Chicago Fire, Montreal Impact, LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, FC Dallas, Sporting Kansas City, and Houston Dynamo.

8. The Historic Danny Heap
Who? Heep will forever be part of Major League Baseball history for more than one reason. He was officially the first ever designated hitter in the history of the New York Mets, picking up that distinction in the 1986 World Series when the Mets famously defeated the Boston Red Sox. Heep was the first player in World Series history to be a designated hitter who also had the initials “D.H.” Last but certainly not least, Heep was on the wrong side of baseball history when he was the 4000th recognized strikeout of all-time great and Hall-of-Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan.

9 & 10, and more.!
Boston is the only city in professional sports in which all facilities are privately owned and operated. The Patriots own Gillette Stadium, the Red Sox own Fenway Park, and TD Garden is owned by Delaware North, owner of the Bruins. The Celtics rent TD Garden from Delaware North.

In the 2000s, Boston’s professional teams had arguably the most successful decade in sports history, winning ten championships (five by the Patriots, three by the Red Sox and one each by the Celtics and Bruins).

[4] When the Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, the city of Boston became the first city in the 21st century to have all four of its major professional league teams win a league championship, and it is the only city ever to have championships in all four major professional leagues within a ten-year span (from the Patriots’ victory in February 2002 to the Bruins’ in June 2011).

[5] In that same time period, Boston’s teams completed what Sports Illustrated dubbed as the “Grand Slam of North American sports.”

[6] With the Patriots’ victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX, the four major Boston-area sports teams completed a grand slam in six years (the 2008 Celtics, the 2011 Bruins, the 2013 Red Sox and the 2014 Patriots). Beyond that, several of the teams were league finalists: the Revolution four times, the Patriots twice and the Bruins and Celtics once apiece.

With the Bruins reaching the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, this allowed Boston to join Philadelphia as being the only cities to have had all of their teams play in each of the four major North American professional sports leagues’ title rounds since 2000, following the Patriots in Super Bowls XXXVI in 2002, XXXVIII in 2004, XXXIX in 2005, XLII in 2008, XLVI in 2012, XLIX in 2015, and LI in 2017 and winning all of them, except Super Bowl XLII and XLVI, the Red Sox winning World Series titles in 2004 (ending the Curse of the Bambino), 2007, and 2013, and the Celtics in the NBA Finals in 2008 and 2010 and winning in 2008.

[7] In addition, Boston beat out Philadelphia for playing in all of the “big” league championship rounds in the shortest time in the new millennium, as it took 9 years for Philadelphia to achieve this feat; Boston needed only three years and eight months. From 2004 to 2015, all four Boston major league teams have each reached the championship rounds two times or more.

Spell Your Favorite Boston Team without an ‘S’? and other unusual facts
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