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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Nunez The Second Coming

Every Friday (until I get fired from this job) I will be compiling a list of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from the past week in Boston sports.

This will encompass all the Boston sports teams and news that occurred revolving the teams. In this first edition, you will find a Roger Goodell thought, Cyrus Jones and his future, and a look at what is powering the Boston Red Sox.

For those of you who don’t understand how this timeless and simple system of organization works:



Ugly=Downright Ugly.


Good, now let’s get started.

Boston Red Sox

The Good

This week the Boston Red Sox easily steal the Good category. Title? Award? I don’t know. They did well this week!

Starting with a series against their fringe arch-nemesis the Cleveland Indians, the Sox have barreled their way to an 8-game winning streak. This team has seemingly turned their offensive frown upside down, with a little help from a gaggle of loveable no-name underdogs.

And come on Boston! Who better to turn our Sox around than a couple of highly fallible and unproven underdogs!?

Of course, I’m referring to none other than Rafael Devers (the more “under” of the underdogs) and Eduardo Nunez. In the past 10 games, the Baby-Faced Bambino and Eddy umm… Nunez has a combined .369 AVG and a behemoth .663 slugging percentage, along with 6 homers and 18 RBI’s. But here’s the best part: Hitting is contagious. Case in point: Andrew Benintendi. Benny had a horrendous July.

He had a terrible.222 AVG while slugging a disheartening .322. Yuck! This month he has turned it around million-fold.

In August, the kid’s got a .500 AVG and he’s slugging .773 of the balls he hits. It’s like divine intervention!

This team wasn’t struck by lightning (as far as I can see). No, it’s simply a potent injection of hot bats that is inspiring this batting order. We all know it’s mathematically inevitable that Devers and Nunez will cool off. To what extent, only time will tell.

The Sox will gladly ride out this wave for as long as possible. What cannot be overlooked is the reverberating power now echoing through the Boston clubhouse. When underdogs get as hot as Devers and Nunez have been, the rest of the team is like an antenna channeling that hotness.

This month, the boys are certainly feeling those good vibrations.

The Bad

One name: Cyrus Jones. This guy’s pros look like they will soon overmaster his cons. On Thursday night, in the Patriots preseason opener, the young corner only further demonstrated his downfalls. Jones got absolutely scorched on a couple of long post-routes that went for touchdowns. That’s right, 3rd-string JAGUARS had their way with this kid!

Cyrus Jones is a 2nd year player out of Alabama. When the Patriots drafted him, the consensus was that he could make a contribution as a CB in nickel packages. What redeems the long-ball ball liability that he is, is his formidability in the return game. He’s built like a fire hydrant: 5’ 10” 197 lbs.

Given his size, the kid obviously lacks man-to-man cover speed (ran a 4.49 40 in the combine). But he can make people miss laterally on punt returns (presuming he holds onto the ball).

When Jones is in the secondary, he’ll only make an impact when he stays home in the first-tier. On Thursday night, we saw exactly what happens when teams target his lack of downhill speed on the outside.

The question at this juncture: Where will Cyrus Jones fit on this Patriots team? Last year, when returning the ball, he had a total of 5 fumbles. Those are fundamental mistakes. Fundamentals are the foundation of Bill Belichick’s coaching. This kid is intelligent, but he’s inside his head way too much. His physical errors stem from a distracted mind.  

After the first preseason game, where the Pats lost 31-24, Cyrus Jones evaded the media. He refused to address the press and fans, after a game where he was responsible for half of the opponent’s touchdowns.

He left Gillette beating himself up, like a petulant Pop Warner youth. It’s becoming clear that his lack of speed is too great a vulnerability for the Pats on defense. But if Cyrus Jones cannot break the fetters of his own mind, he may find himself without a job come September.

The Ugly

There is a picture going around of 3 Patriots fans getting chummy with Roger Goodell. That’s right, Roger Goodell: He’s not Darth Vader, he’s the Emperor! Without a doubt, this is the ugliest thing we’ve seen in Boston sports this past week. It’s maybe the most repulsive sight ever.

If you haven’t seen this cursed image, don’t go searching for it.

Late Thursday night, the betrayal was leaked on Twitter. This tragic photo came on the frayed coattails of a Patriots preseason loss. It depicts a few, now expatriate, Pats fans with $10 beers in their hands, embracing the NFL Commish. 

Initially, it was rumored that the “fans” were agents implanted by the NFL. Who else would embrace a photo-op with such a despicable human? But to my surprise, I personally KNOW one of the guys in the picture!

The kid wearing the Jimmy Garoppolo jersey grew up in my small hometown of Goffstown, NH. He is certainly the most offensive perpetrator of the bunch, with his arm draped over Goodell’s shoulder. These are regular Joe Shmoe New Englanders, voluntarily smiling for a photo with the Roger Goodell.

Tell you what guys: Frame it. Hang it up in your living room. And never show your faces at Gillette Stadium again. I hope your new buddy paid for those $10 beers.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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