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The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 2

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 2

Last year around this time the Cleveland Cavaliers were looking to even up the series against the Golden State Warriors.  They failed to do so and everyone got Tacos!  No seriously, Taco Bell ran their annual free Taco promotion and with the Cav’s losing in Cleveland the promotion was fulfilled.  “Steal a game, Steal a Taco” was the promotion and the Warriors stole a game in Cleveland.  This years promotion is the same.

With the Rematch of Cav’s and Warriors, someone is now going to have to steal a game on Home Court.  And it looks like it will have to be Cleveland.  I get goosebumps every time these two teams play.  I’m serious!  It’s like Christmas or something!  Well maybe more like the 4th of July with the points that they put up, it’s a real fireworks show.  Fast forward to last night [Sunday] and boy was it a real fireworks show.

Game 2

Well Game 2 was better than Game 1 I can tell you that.  The Warriors got out to a lead again in the 1st Quarter, but the Cav’s played better defense.  These two Titans of Teams went head to head on a scoring spree.  It turned into who can out score the other.  They were going back and forth.  With the Warriors holding a 3 point lead.  At the end of the 1st Quarter it was [40-34] Warriors.  Yet the Cav’s defense made them look sloppy with several turn overs.  They made them turn over the ball 13 times in the 1st Half.  Now that is some good defense.

The Cav’s covered Kevin Durant better this go around and limited him in the 1st Half.  What they did was utilize their bigger players.  They consistently used the Pick and Roll on offense and watched out for it on defense.  It seemed like every one got a chance to defend against Durant.

Yet even with their good defense they couldn’t control the pace of the game.  Listen, the Warriors play extremely fast.  If the Cavaliers want to shut down their offense they need to use up all of the shot clock.  Let’s face the fact that you can’t match point for point with the Warriors.  It’s just not going to happen, they are too good.  The Cav’s need to slow down the game some how.  Take the time you need to take your shots.  You’ve got plenty of time to score and fast breaks will come when they come.

Unfortunately for the Cav’s the game turned into another blow out in the 2nd Half.  The Warriors had a 25 point lead at times and were looking to score 140 points.  I mean seriously, 140 points in a Finals Game!  It was freak’n ridiculous what they were doing!  The Warriors were doing everything right and all of their shots were going in.  They seemed to get better the faster that they played.

At the end of the blow out [132-113] Warriors; there were two players with Triple Doubles.  Which is an incredible feat in the Finals.  LeBron James had his 8th Triple Double in the Finals, which ties a record for most by any player.  He is now tied with Magic Johnson.  James had 29 Points, 14 Assists, and 11 Rebounds.  He did all he could do against the incredible Golden State offense.  Steph Curry also had a Triple Double; scoring 32 Points, with 11 Assists, and 10 Rebounds.  But hey, lets not forget about Kevin Durant who had a remarkable game.  He had a Double Double; scoring 33 Points and grabbing 13 Rebounds.

In all I’d have to say that what I saw last night was mind blowing!  I mean to think that both teams would score well into the hundreds and that they could play that fast.  Going back and forth; and back and forth.  Doing a fast break point for point and making good shots.  If anyone can keep up with the Warriors it definitely looks like it’s the Cav’s.  I mean if they can keep it close to a 3 point lead, like they did in the 1st Half; if they can play like that without the super frenzied pace, they have a shot to beat them.

Game 3

So now the Cav’s have more to work on for Game 3 and the Warriors still have their game plan in full swing.  Will the Cav’s come out with an answer to the Warriors’ offense?  Will the Warriors blow out the Cav’s again?  Will we get free Tacos?  These questions will all be answered on Wednesday at 9pm on ABC.  When the Golden State Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3.  Let them eat Tacos!

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 2
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