NBA FInals

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 3

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 3

The NBA Finals last year was memorable.  In Game 3 last year everyone was wondering can the Cleveland Cavaliers do it?  Can they beat the Golden State Warriors at home?  This was answered with a definitive yes.  As they routed the Warriors and won Game 3.  It was a great win because Cleveland got more confident in their match up with the Warriors.  They knew that they could do it.  Which led to a turning point in the series.

Game 3

Fast forward one year to this year’s Game 3 and you could tell that things were different.  Last night’s game was a wild one with several lead changes.  Players were shooting and hitting all over the Arc.  It was a real slug fest with the two teams going point for point.  This pretty much continued throughout most of the game.  Though yet again the Warriors got out to an early lead.  For most of the 1st Half it was a 2 point differential.  The Cav’s hung in there and played spectacular basketball.

Yet the story of the night was Golden State’s 3 Point shooting.  They made twelve 3 Pointers in the 1st Half which is an NBA record.  It was amazing!  They would go down the court on a fast break and pull up for a 3 Point shot.  They did this time and time again.  It was mesmerizing how they could score like this.  I mean seriously!  They passed up the lay up to shoot the 3, and they scored every time; talk about accuracy!  At the end of the 1st Half it was [67-61] Warriors.

The Cav’s play style was much better in this game.  In fact they keep improving with each game that they play.  They took the time to make their shots and it really paid off in the 2nd Half.  Where they got off to a 7 point lead over the Warriors.  They played excellent defense and kept a man on Kevin Durant all game.  They limited him in the 1st Half.

Yet even with this improvement the Warriors had an answer to that, the screen.  The Warriors began to use the screen to get players like Kevin Durant open and it worked.  The Warriors capitalized on this and when all was said and done Kevin Durant had 31 Points on the night.  He was unguardable and made a 3 Pointer in the final minute of the game to win it [118-113] Warriors.

Last night was like a fireworks show.  There were so many spectacular plays, most of which were made by LeBron James and Stephen Curry.  LeBron in particular had an outstanding game with a Double Double.  James had a whopping 39 Points and 11 Rebounds.  He played most of the game and was instrumental in the 7 point Cavalier lead in the 2nd Half.  Stephen Curry also had a Double Double with 26 Points and 13 Rebounds.  One other player had a huge game last night and that was Kyrie Irving, who had a whopping 38 Points for the game.  He really shined as a clutch performer.  He is a critical part of the Cav’s offense and when he is hot watch out.

In all I’d have to say that Game 3 really came down to the last 2 minutes.  It came down to last possession and the Cav’s hung in there.  They gave the Warriors something to worry about.  The game could have gone the Cav’s way if one of their shots went in during the Warriors’ comeback from 7 points down.  What I get most from this game is that the Cav’s now know how to beat the Warriors.  They know that if they can keep the game close by limiting Durant and Curry in the 1st Half, they can win.  They know that if they have the ball, they can take the time to spread the ball around and make solid shots.  They can dish it to James or Irving and trust that they can make the shot.  They know that they can do this now.

Game 4

Every game now is a must win for the Cavaliers.  They are in a tight spot but it is nothing new for them, as last year they had to win 3 games in a row to take the Title.  It’s an “all hands on deck” mentality and if any Team can beat the Warriors it’s them.  Everything has come down to this.  Game 4 is Friday at 9pm on ABC.  Oh and by the way, we got free Tacos last night, woot!

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 3
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