NBA Finals

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 5

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 5

Last year the Cleveland Cavaliers overcame defeat by winning 3 straight games against the Golden State Warriors.  They played incredibly well in those last 3 games of the year.  They banded together and played big to small.  Their stratagey worked well and they won the Title because of it.

Game 5

Fast forward to last night where “all hands were on deck.”  The team pulled together in the 1st Half.  They played well and had a lead at times.  Yet the Golden State Warriors would not go away.  They pressured the Cavaliers and made them make mistakes.  They let Kevin Durant shoot 3 Pointers and scored multiple times behind the Arc.  What they did was impressive.

LeBron James did all he could, averaging a Triple Double for the series.  He scored 41 points on the night.  Yet the real story of the night was Kevin Durant.  He just couldn’t be stopped.  He posted up jumpers all over the court.  Big to small doesn’t work on him as he is 7 feet tall.  The shots that he made were amazing.  I mean seriously, he was the best on the court!  There was this pull up type shot that he made over and over again in the 2nd Half.  It was a mid range jumper that was just outside the paint.  He would get the ball, lean into the defender, then take the shot falling backwards.  Point Blank: it was unguardable.  Which was why he won the MVP Award last night.

The Warriors routed the Cav’s and won the game [129-120] winning the NBA Finals.  The task of beating the Warriors 4 straight proved too difficult.  The Warriors ended the Season [16-1] in the Playoffs, which is an NBA Record.  They were just too explosive on offense.  For any team to handle really.

I think that everyone will agree with me when I say that these were the 2 best teams in the NBA.  It was an incredible series and I think that we pretty much saw everything that the NBA can offer.  The Rematch was real, yet it ended earlier than some of us thought it would.  I think that with Kevin Durant playing for the Warriors; tips the scales in any match up.  He is a difference maker and I do believe that he is the truest MVP of the Finals.  Congrats Kevin Durant on your 1st NBA Championship win!  Congrats also to the Warriors on winning 2 NBA Titles in 3 years!  We know how difficult that is.  Now who is poised to be in the Finals next year?  We will just have to see!

The NBA Finals: The Rematch, Game 5
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