March Madness Talk: The Year of the Upset, South Carolina Upsets Number 3 Baylor

March Madness

March Madness Talk: The Year of the Upset, South Carolina Upsets Number 3 Baylor

It has been a wild year for March Madness.  With several notable upsets and bracket busters.  No team has been more upset bound this year than number 7 seed South Carolina.  Who eliminated number 2 seed Duke earlier in the [NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament].

On [Friday] 7 South Carolina played against 3 Baylor.  And let me tell you it was a clinic.  They didn’t just beat 3 Baylor, they crushed them.  They went on a [12-0] point run to end the first half, and led by 10 points.  Their defense was key in shutting down 3 Baylor’s high powered offense, causing 16 turn overs all game.  3 Baylor just couldn’t get anything going.  They couldn’t go on a scoring run, they had trouble passing in the paint, and they couldn’t rebound.  7 South Carolina’s defense works like this; it’s a man to man zone.  Where ever the basketball is they move towards it.  So they are generally helping each other out in the zone, covering each others man during Pick Plays.  Then they go back to Man to Man.  They are physical defenders all the way to the half court.  Their defense is a beautiful thing to watch.  It is the same defense that they used against 2 Duke and when they play top seeded Teams you can really see how effective it is.

The Gamecocks had that killer defense going all game against 3 Baylor and it was thrilling, as they maintained a 20 point lead throughout the second half.  Their play makers mopped up the rebounds and kept 3 Baylor away from the rim, forcing them to take bad shots.  With 2 minutes left in the game it was already over.  Gamecocks won [70-50] and now move on to the [Great 8].  One stand out play maker for the Gamecocks is Sindarious Thornwell who played top notch Basketball and scored 24 points in last nights game.

With the Round of 16 completed the current match ups look like this:

  • 4 Florida vs 7 South Carolina
  • 1 Gonzaga vs 11 Xavier
  • 1 Kansas vs 3 Oregon
  • 1 UNC vs 2 Kentucky

Tip off of the first two games [1 Gonzaga vs 11 Xavier] and [1 Kansas vs 3 Oregon] begins at 6pm and 8:49 pm today on CBS.

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