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TNF Live on Amazon Prime




Thursday Night Football Live on Amazon Prime

Football season just got cooler! Starting with week 4, Sept 28, 2017, You can stream Thursday night football live on Amazon Prime. By looking at the above schedule, you can see there are some awesome matchups and classic rival games. Bears and Packers kick it off first in week 4, Week 5 we got the Pats and Bucs and NFC East rivals; Cowboys and Redskins in week 13.

The Wall Street Journal and the Sports Business Journal broke the story. Sources confirmed to ESPN that the deal to stream the games, which will be simulcast on the NFL Network and either CBS or NBC, is worth $50 million, up from the $10 million that Twitter paid for the streaming in the deal last season.

Only Amazon customers who pay for its Prime service will have access, unlike with Twitter, where anyone who logged on could see the games. Another revenue stream will come to Amazon through some ad inventory, though the $50 million price is relatively less of a spend for Amazon than $10 million was for Twitter.

When it came time for renewal, Twitter was not well positioned financially against the other serious bidders. Joining Twitter with bigger offers this time were Amazon and Facebook, two of the top seven most valuable companies in the U.S. is looking to charge advertisers $2.8 million for packages that include 30-second spots during the Thursday night National Football League games it will stream live to its Prime customers this coming season.

To become a member of Amazon prime its around $10 a month or $99 a year.

Streaming NFL games—regularly the most-watched events on U.S. television—is the latest move by Amazon to get customers to its website, in the hope they will subscribe to Prime and spend more online.

It is also a source of revenue in its own right, although it is unclear that the sale of ads will offset the cost of acquiring the rights to stream the games.

“We are offering a range of options at various price points, depending on advertiser objectives,” Amazon representative Kristin Mariani said.

Small Town Boy from Oklahoma, I grew up writing poetry and short stories from an early age. Moved up North in later years and love my Red Sox and Celtics.
I am self employed and an avid online poker player. I am very excited to be joining the Trifecta team! I will be writing about Celtics and Red Sox,, as well as all other Boston sports. I am looking forward to finidng and writing the unusual stories. You our readers are why we are here. Have a story you want told? My ears are always open.


Fantasy Football Talk: Playoffs Week 2




Playoffs.  Don’t talk about Playoffs.  Playoffs!  You kidding me, Playoffs!  Yup that’s right Jim Mora we’re going there.  We’re talking about the Fantasy Football Playoffs Week 2.  Now if you don’t know the brackets are organized into two Weekly Totals per Opponent, for most Leagues.  So if you had a rough go of it last Week you can still Win the bracket this Week.  Hopefully if you have positioned yourself correctly you will be in the Winners Bracket.  Otherwise you’re in the Consolation Bracket, or worse last in your League. If you are in a Weekly Playoff Bracket then you have to watch who you match up against very closely.  Wins come at a premium. Now let’s get right into the picks!

There were a lot of surprises last week with QBs.  Tom Brady didn’t play well, Carson Wentz went out on an injury, and Russell Wilson threw 3 Picks.  For this Week I’m going with Brady again and I also like Wilson.  Here’s why: Brady has astounding statistics after big game losses, and his ratio of back to back losses is near nill.  I mean seriously, this is a guy who gets fired up after each loss.  He simply doesn’t lose back to back games.  In fact he comes out better than ever.  I expect him to bounce back from last week, even if it means taking the team on his shoulders to win.  Now Russell Wilson is the same way.  He is the guy who puts the entire team on his shoulders to win big games.  I mean he is 75% of the total Seahawks Offense.  You know he will score you Fantasy Points.  So put him in your roster to start Week 15.  Now I think Nick Foles might be overrated but looking at Philly’s Offense I can’t really see a down side to picking him up.  His projected Points of 16.8 makes him a decent pick up for the Week, if you don’t have Brady or Wilson.

At RB I like Leonard Fournette if he is healthy.  He is dealing with a minor injury this week and that might limit his snaps against Houston.  I like Lesean McCoy against Miami.  I think he will have a good game and I think he will get a lot of looks.  Meaning Fantasy Points!  Mark Ingram looks like a good pick up against the Jets he might be an RB2 this Week but I still like him.  We all saw what Kenyan Drake did to the Patriots.  I think he will have another great game against Buffalo.  Pick him up, now!  Let me tell you, you will not regret it.  Buffalo has been giving up a lot of Points to RBs.  Expect the same this Week.

Now for WRs I like Michael Thomas for New Orleans.  He is having a a great Fantasy Playoff performance, with 17.7 Points last week.  I expect him to be targeted several times by Drew Brees.  He looks to be a solid WR1 this Week.  I like Doug Baldwin this week for the Seahawks.  He should have a good game against a depleated LA Rams Secondary.  I also love Keenan Allen for the LA Chargers, look for a solid outing from Philip Rivers to get him the ball.  If you are in need of a WR2/WR3/Flex I’d go with Marquise Goodwin, he is your man on the low end of things.  He is currently Jimmy Garoppolo‘s favorite target.

For TE I have to go with Rob Gronkowski.  He is just a match up nightmare and coming off his Suspension expect him to net you some Fantasy Points.  Travis Kelce is also on my list of must starts, he is leading all TEs in receptions.  Click, Move, Start!  I also like Jack Doyle for
Indy.  I think he will be a great addition to any Fantasy Team.  On the low end well there is always Hooper?  No just kidding he is playing aweful, instead go with Stephen Anderson if you really don’t have anyone.  I’d suggest looking else where because he just isn’t getting the targets.  But hey TE is a tough position to fill.

D/ST I’d stick with Jaguars and Ravens.  The Saints might be good and the Pats might be good.  You’ll have to make a gut call on that!  For K Justin Tucker, Matt Prater, Stephen Gostkowski.  Maybe pick up Chris Boswell if he is available.  I pick these guys every week, I think at this point in the Fantasy Playoffs everyone already has their favorites.  Picking up a Kicker is pretty much, meh.

That wraps up my Fantasy Players for the Week.  The Playoffs can be stressful and having Thursday Night, and now Saturday Night games just doesn’t help.  Too much football to keep track of!  That’s why I love reading while watching games.  Hey don’t knock it, I can still keep track of the important stuff, like Stats!  Just Kidding you.  Grab a beer and enjoy the games.  Cheers!

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New England Patriots

NFL Week 14 Picks



Sadly had a lot to do this week so my apologies for the lateness. As far as my NFL predictions for last week, I was 12-4 (131-61) Right now I am 0-1 to start the week as I predicted the Saints to win on Thursday.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons: Winner – Falcons

I hate Thursday night football. I always seem to to struggle with getting these games correct on the first attempt but they usually go in the other direction. It is what it is. The Sainst collection of injuries sadly were a huge factor in the game despite the Saints keeping the score close. Losing Alvin Kamara was a huge lose for the team as he is placed on concussion protocol for this week.

Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns: Winner – Packers

The Browns decided to let go of Sashi Brown bu as long as Hue Jackson continues to fail with the QB situation, they ain’t winning Sunday. Give me the Packers to win 31-21.

Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Winner – Lions

This game is a pick-em game mainly due to Matthew Stafford’s wrist injury. If he plays, the Lions should win. He doesn’t play then they will most definitely lose. But Stafford is one of the toughest QBs in the league so I doubt that this holds him back. The Bucs with Winston are still having issues and will likely have their season over with a loss on Sunday. Lions win 27-21.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs: Winner – Chiefs

The Raiders are a team that are going to be tough t beat but with their loss against the Jets, the Chiefs are literally hanging by a thread. A win against the Raiders would help keep them in the playoffs but with the Chargers gaining momentum it will be tough. Their 4th consecutive loss, Andy Reid will need to have everybody on all cylinders. Chiefs win in a close game 24-21.

Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers: Winner – Vikings

Can’t believe it but Case Keenum is playing the best football of his entire career. If he keeps this hot streak alive, the Vikings might make a playoff birth unless Green Bay gets Aaron Rodgers back in time. The Panthers are a team that are hot and cold this season as usual. The Panthers have a great defense but so does the Vikings. This will come down to who has the better offense and you don’t believe me now, but its the Vikings. Adam Thielen and Stephon Diggs are possibly the best WR duo in the NFL right now and Kyle Rudolph ain’t bad either. Give me the Vikings to win 27-24 over the Panthers.

San Fransisco 49ers @ Houston Texans: winner – 49ers

Coin flip but I am picking the 49ers just for more Jimmy G highlight reels. Sorry Texans. 49ers win by 21-18.

Indianapolis Colts @ Buffalo Bills: Winner – Bills

I want to believe in Brisket but I believe that the season has weighed him down considerably because of Chuck Pagano’s play calling. The Bills have a better overall roster and have a shot of making the playoffs. The Colts are banged up pretty good and I see Buffalo keeping Tyrod in as his knee injury shouldn’t be bad enough to keep him out for Nathan Peterman. Bills getting a win here 21-18.

Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals: Winner – Bengals

Marvin Lewis vs. John Fox? Which Head Coach will get fired faster? Probably Fox because Lewis clearly has some serious blackmail to have kept his job for so long. Bengals win 24-17 because John Fox is continuing to limit Trubisky’s production.

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants: Winner – Cowboys

The Cowboys will have Sean Lee back this week which is huge. Eli Manning is back in the game but his consecutive streak is gone now and that is ultimately on Ben McAdoo who is now gone along with Jerry Reese. Cowboys have something to fight for, the Giants don’t. Give me the Cowboys 27-20.

Tennessee Titans @ Arizona Cardinals: Winner – Titans

This game is honestly a toss-up. The Titans are underwhelming and the Cardinals have talent that can’t seem to win games. Adrian Peterson’s status is still out for now. As of now, the Titans are the team I would rather take Delanie Walker wants respect but he will only get if he scores a TD in this game. I will take the Titans 27-25 in a close game.

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos: Winner – Jets

Man, the Broncos really are screwed. Vance Joesph has completely lost this team. the defense doesn’t seem like the No-Fly Zone anymore. The fact that the Jets are actually playing good speaks volumes of how different the head coaches are different. Also Robbie Anderson, an undrafted player is likely one of the biggest deep threats in the NFL. Gotta give credit where it is due, the Jets have stopped up and the Broncos have fallen off. Jets win 27-21.

Washington Redskins @ Los Angeles Chargers: Winner – Chargers

The Redskins banged up offensive line vs Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram? RIP Kirk Cousins. He will not like that game. I will go with the Chargers as Keenan Allen is having a incredible comeback season and I will say that he does well in this game. Chargers win 31-21.

Seattle Seahawks @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Winner – Seahawks

The Seahawks may not have a great overall team, but they have, in my opinion, the front runner for the NFL MVP this year in Russell Wilson. He has put this team on his back and he truly is a better QB than Blake Bortles. The Jaguars defense will keep this game close, but I don’t believe for a second that it will stop Wilson’s play-making and scrambling on the field. Seahawks win 17-14.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Los Angeles Rams: Winner – Rams

That is right, I am picking Goff over Wentz. And its not because the Eagles lost last week to a more desperate team. They lost in a way that showed they are still a flawed team like everyone else this year. The Rams are a team that has an arguably better offense and their defense is set up where they generate pressure similar to the Seahawks. This game will be the game of the week but I have the Rams winning 31-28.

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Winner – Steelers

Baltimore will cover the current spread of +4 but I have a feeling that the Steelers will still win regardless. The Ravens are a better overall team but this team is unified with Ryan Shazier’s loss last week and his current circumstances (prayers are with you Ryan, from a Patriots fan). Give me the Steelers to win 27-24 against the Ravens.

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins: winner – Patriots

The Patriots always play bad in Miami weather. But its Tom Brady vs. Jay Cutler. Give me the Patriots to win 34-24. And that will settle my shotgun analysis for this week.

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New England Patriots

NFL Week 13 Picks



NFL Week 13 Picks

Sadly I missed last night’s game but boy do I hate the fact I messed up already to start this week. Especially considering I got 14-2 last week. With that, I go 119-57 for this year and I feel like I have a feeling like the road games this week will be very different compared to the norm. I am picking quite afew this week but its in my gut. The NFL is coming down to the wire so let’s get these picks over and done with.

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys: Winner – Redskins (WRONG!)

Mannnnn, Kirk you let me down this week. This Thursday night game I was dead wrong on sadly. Dak Prescott pulled through with throwing 11 out of 22 pass completions for 102 yards and 2 TDs. Kirk had the same amount but he ha 2 bad INTs during the game. The heroes for the Cowboys were Alfred Morris and Rod Smith who both rushed for a TD each. (Morris rushed for over 127 yards alone!) Honestly I had the Redskins winning close (27-24) but this was game was anything but close (38-14).

Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets Winner – Jets

Yep. I said it. The Jets are beating the Chiefs. I would have been on crazy pills if I said this 10 weeks ago. Not anymore. The Chiefs have burned me hard last week losing to Buffalo of all teams. The Chiefs have lost 3 straight games now and it seems like Andy Reid after the bye week got replaced with Andy Reid, after the regular season. The Chiefs started out so strong. The Vikings last year were 5-0, finished 9-7. The Falcons went 5-0 in 2015, finished 8-8. If your team starts 5-0, don’t count on them making it to the post season unless you have a organization like the Steelers or Patriots. Jets should win 24-21 in a very bizarre fashion (considering this season has been bizarre).

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