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Boston Bruins Talk: Tuukka Rask Is the Clay Buckhholz Of Hockey

Boston Bruins Talk: Is Pulling The Team Down

Boston Bruins are in a tight race for the playoffs with only a couple of weeks left in the regular season. The Bruins came out with a big win on Saturday against the New York Islanders without Tuukka Rask.

In that game backup goaltender Anton Khudobin was between the pipes as Tuukka Rask was out with a “lower body injury”. We have seen this before as last season he did not play in the teams last game as the year. He had the shits. I get it sometimes you eat some bad food and have can’t do much but they have medicine for that crap (pun intended). He should have played as it was the teams biggest game of the year and he said nah I am sitting this one out because I do not feel good.

This time around at least it was an injury. If he really was hurt than okay your hurt but if you are sore or “tired” he should be able to play through it. If Rask does not play Tuesday against the Predator’s then okay, he is really hurt. The only probably with that is that Zane McIntyre was recalled for Saturday’s game. He has already been re-assigned to Providence, which means that Rask will most likely play Tuesday.

An argument for his lack of play late in the season is that he is tired. Do not give me the he is tired BS, every other skater on the team has played just about every game. You do not hear Patrice Bergeron complain that he is tired.  Rask claims that he is “hurt”, or is it he just doen not want to play. He has been known to throw his team under the bus after a bad loss. That type of mentality is bad for the locker room. Teams play for their goalie and if the goalie does not trust the players then it can make for some bad chemistry in the locker room. That being said I have never been a big fan of his.

Tuukka is not an Elite goalie. He may be a very good one but he is not elite. Rask is not in the same category as Carey Price, Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist. Some may say look at his numbers and I say yes numbers wise he could be considered elite. The problem is that most of his numbers came when he had an elite defense in front of him. Also people might say what about this season? I would say yes this season he has been good. There were points of the season where he carried the team. I still do not think he can be considered elite.

Another reason I do not like him well more the Bruins front office, but he is getting payed $7 million to be a very good goalie. That is more than both Quick and Price.

Anton Khudobin Should Start Tuesday

Khudobin played very well on Saturday as the he only allowed one goal. I know he was not very good most of the season. Mostly due to the lack of drive the Bruins have for their backup’s. I still think that he should play Tuesday against the Nashville Predators. First I think he deserves it after Rask copped-out of the B’s biggest game of the year. Second if Rask really is injured and/or tired this will give him the rest he needs to be able to finish the rest of the season. Then play in the playoffs if the team can make it.

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