UNC Defeats Gonzaga To Win Third National Championship Under Coach Roy Williams

UNC Wins National Championship

On [Monday] number 1 seed Gonzaga played number 1 seed UNC for the National Championship.  It was a hyped up game with concerts and a huge football stadium.  It had celebrities and famous school Alumni in attendance.  These two teams had a track record for scoring 80 something points per game.  They both had similar fast paced offenses throughout the [NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament].  Yet the game didn’t quite live up to the hype.

It was one of those scrappy games with a lot of missed shots.  Both teams struggled making Field Goals and even from beyond the arc.  It ultimately was a game of Rebounds and Foul Trouble.  The play style was very slow.  Both teams looked like they had the Big Stage Jitters.  Something that we did not see from them in other games.  The score was tied multiple times with neither team going on a big run.  This was the kind of game where the fans were perplexed as to why their team was struggling to hit shots.

During the first five minutes of the game you could see the slow pace of it.  There were missed shots and blocked shots.  You could get the sense that this would be a scrappy game that would come down to last possession.

Gonzaga out rebounded the Tar Heels in the first half with 25 boards.  It looked like it was their game to win or lose.  Listen the big guys on the Gonzaga team were soaking up the boards and they were at the rim, in the paint, all game.  They just missed their shots.  They were too tentative at the rim.  This actually made North Carolina set their feet and block some shots.  If Gonzaga made those shots then the game would have looked much different.

Foul Trouble was a huge part of this game.  Gonzaga got into foul trouble early on in the game, with their two big Centers.  Yet UNC couldn’t capitalize on their free throws.  They looked to be under 50 percent from the line all game.  The same can be said of Gonzaga as UNC team fouls went into the bonus.  Neither team seemed to want to get an early lead and instead settled for bad shots on the court.

If there is one thing that defined this game, it was big men versus big men.  The blocks in this game were tremendous.  The height advantage that some of these players had made it difficult to get an open shot.  Kennedy Meeks for the Tar Heels had a phenomenal block with one minute remaining in the game, sealing the deal.  That single block won them the game.  Some games have a hero and for UNC that hero was Meeks.  1 UNC beat 1 Gonzaga [71-65] and they claimed their third title under Coach Roy Williams.  Congrats guys it was a great run.

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