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Wynn Resorts; Casino Coming to Boston. A Win-Wynn Situation and I Am All In!



Wynn Resorts; Casino Coming to Boston. A Win-Wynn Situation and I Am All In!

Gaming has always been a big part of my family. From early on, I can remember playing card games, board games, chess, and dominoes. We also played knock poker or 31. Gambling for real money wasn’t allowed, however, us kids would use toothpicks to gamble with or pennies.

I grew up and, of course, along came Casinos on Indian Land. I wasn’t a fan of a traditional gaming such as slots, roulette, etc; but cards, oh yeah, I can play some cards! Then I learned how to play Texas hold’em.  Ever since I have been a fan of the game and other casino games as well. So, I was very excited to learn about a New and Exciting Vegas casino coming to the Greater Boston Area.

Scheduled to open in the summer of 2019, welcome to Wynn Boston Harbor;  America’s first five-star urban gaming resort which will be accessible by land and sea. Wynn casino will offer numerous amenities and entertainment, including the Harbor walk, shoreline park, water shuttle.

Beating out rival proposals from Mohegan Sun and Suffolk Downs, Wynn Resorts won the Greater Boston casin0 license in 2014.  Since that time, Wynn Resorts has prevailed in lawsuits filed against it by the City of Boston and the city of Somerville. I have said it before and I say again; Boston, the city where American Revolutions begin and where history is still being made!

Unlike most casinos who only open a few segments at a time, Wynn Casino is pulling all the stops and plans to open in one grand event. The 150,000 square foot casino floor is designed to comfortably house 3,242 slot machines and 168 table games. At a build-out cost of about $1.6 billion it is the largest private development ever in the state and will include 77,250 square feet of retail space, over 64,000 square feet of dining and entertainment venues, 32,942 square feet of convention, meeting, and private function space, and a nightclub with more than 30,000 square feet of floor space.

Wynn Resorts will be located in Everett, Massachusetts at 1 Horizon way. With all the excitement and entertainment a casino fan could ask for and the fact it will create over 4,000 more jobs, I personally am looking forward to Wynn’s grand opening. I will be there, sitting at the poker table. See you there. I am all in!

Small Town Boy from Oklahoma, I grew up writing poetry and short stories from an early age. Moved up North in later years and love my Red Sox and Celtics.
I am self employed and an avid online poker player. I am very excited to be joining the Trifecta team! I will be writing about Celtics and Red Sox,, as well as all other Boston sports. I am looking forward to finidng and writing the unusual stories. You our readers are why we are here. Have a story you want told? My ears are always open.


WSOP 2017 Main Event Champion Remains Humble



WSOP 2017 Main Event Champion Remains Humble, Scott Blumstein Wins Main Event

Scott Blumstein went to the final table Main Event as the chip leader, and he remained in the lead to took home the coveted gold bracelet and $8.15 million dollars cash. It was early Sunday morning when Blumstein was heads-up against fellow countryman, Dan Ott.

The final hand came down to this: Blumstein went into the final hand behind with an Ace-2 off-suit against Daniel Ott who held an A-8 suited. Blumstein went all in and Ott Called. With all the chips in the middle, Blumstein caught the deuce of hearts on the river, one of only 3 outs that could win it all for him and as dramatic as any poker game can be, Blumstein walked away from the World Series of Poker Champion for 2017.  Ott had a ninety-three percent chance of avoiding disaster and Blumstein defied the odds and was crowned the winner.

Blumstein has remained humble throughout the tournament and even after winning, his demeanor was the same. At a post event conference, Scott thanked his parents for their support and his friends who helped him improve his game and prepare him for the Main Event. This was Blumstein’s first event and may be awhile before we see him again.  When asked about playing in future high roller events,

Scott just shrugged and said, ” I don’t have an ego in this game, I was just a New Jersey Online Grinder, and nothing has really changed”

Well, some things have changed for Scott. Winning the Main Event puts his name down in the History books of poker with some of the greatest who ever played the game. Blumstein remained humble still, however, stating that money was not a motivator for him.

” I didn’t win it for the eight million dollars”, he said, ” But it is nice to have some freedom now. To get to the point I can do what I want. And I think I have that opportunity now. Whether it;s poker, whether it is business, whether it’s going back to school, whatever it is, I have that freedom now”

And with his freedom, his WSOP gold bracelet, and more money than I probably will ever see, the 2017 World Series of Poker Champion walks away as one of the most humble poker players in the business.

Here is how the “July 9” stacked up.

Finish Player Name Payout POY Points
1 Scott Blumstein $8,150,000 3,300
2 Daniel Ott $4,700,000 2,750
3 Benjamin Pollak $3,500,000 2,200
4 John Hesp $2,600,000 1,650
5 Antoine Saout $2,000,000 1,375
6 Bryan Piccioli $1,675,000 1,100
7 Damian Salas $1,425,000 825
8 Jack Sinclair $1,200,000 550
9 Ben Lamb $1,000,000 275


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WSOP Makes History With Live Coverage on ESPN




2017 WSOP Main Event To Air Live For First Time in 48 Years

In the 48 year history of the World Series of Poker, excitement has never been so high.

When play resumes on Thursday at the final table, you can watch it live on ESPN2. There will be a 30-minute delay in coverage to conform to gaming regulations.

The 2017 Main Event capped the largest-ever WSOP in terms of entrants in the 48-year history of the event. A total of 120,995 players from 111 countries entered the 74 events on this summer’s WSOP schedule, generating a total prize pool of $231,010,874.

New Jersey Native, Scott Blumstein is the chip leader with 97,250,000 in chips. Scott has gained attention and scores across New Jersey but never secured an in the money finish until his run in this years WSOP Main Event Final Table.

“I feel amazing, I can’t believe it’s real”, Blumstein said, “I have a great group of guys, and we’re going to get to work and prepare for Thursday. This is one of the biggest moments of my life. And I’m super excited!”

History is being made not only with the Main Event going live on ESPN but also there are two returning players this year.

Antoin Saout who first appeared in 2009, which was a first for a Frenchman, and Ben Lamb who was at the final table in 2011. Lamb is at the bottom in regards to chip count and Saout is in seventh.

The Main Event in years past was held in November where players were called the “November Nine”, however, this year, it only took a 2-day break and now The “July Nine” will be grinding out live for everyone to see.

This year’s total prize pool is little over 230 million dollars.

Here is the line up with chip count:

1. Scott Blumstein 97,250,000
2.John Heap 85,700,000
3. enjamin Pollak 35,175,000
4.Bryan Piccioli 33,800,000
5. Dan Ott 26,475,000
6 .Damian Salas 22,175,000
7.Antoine Saout 21,750,000
8. Jack Sinclair 20,200,000
9. Ben Lamb 18,050,000


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Album Review

Listen Once: Jay-Z 4:44 Album Review



Jay-Z 4:44

Listen Once: Jay-Z 4:44 Album Review

This is the inaugural post for Trifecta Entertainment. I used to do a one listen album review series back in early 2016 so this feels like a relevant album for me to review. Just a disclaimer, Jay-Z is one of my all-time favorites and the Black Album got me into hip-hop.

As you can already gather, this is a bit different than a sports post that I normally write. These will be from a highly opinionated angle.

With 4:44 now out on Apple Music the masses now have access to it. Not on Spotify yet but neither is his catalog.

Kill Jay-Z 

Here we go, solid start here for Hov. Jay talking about Jay in the third person sounds a little like Kanye on Love Kanye from TLOP.

He references West here a lot and talks about how Kanye slandered him on stage.

A short track to start here from Hov. Digged it though, not a bad start.

The Story of OJ

Hearing a lot of hype around this track. A music video was released, saw part of it so this is more of a second listen for me. Good sampling in the back and a decent flow. Great fell about this track.

Big racial backing on this track with finances taking a center tone. Good drum usage, Bad and Boujee reference in there too. Did he just take a shot at 50 Cent? Talked about money on Instagram.

He also references Bill Maher who dropped the n-word on TV.

“House (expletive), don’t (expletive) with me / I’m a field (expletive) with shined cutlery,”

Not really about OJ Simpson, only one line about him.

Probably the best track on the album.

Smile featuring Gloria Carter

Gospel kind of chorus to start. Good production quality and flow throughout. A good track, but doesn’t follow up The Story of OJ properly.

Caught Their Eyes featuring Frank Ocean

Big fan of Ocean. Hov used a sample from Shining with Khaled, quick but it is in there.

The track doesn’t do Frank Ocean justice. Feels like an out of place track. Not the best look for Hov.

He does reference Prince and what happened between his estate and Tidal.

I sat down with Prince, eye to eye / He told me his wishes before he died / Now, Londell McMillan, he must be color blind / They only see green from them purple eyes.”

Before Prince died, he made a deal with TIDAL.  After his death, McMillan, serving as the adviser to the late singer’s estate, granted other streaming services like Apple and Spotify access to Prince’s catalog.


Guessing this is supposed to be the focal point of the album given the title. This album doesn’t feel like a Lemonade response. But this track does talk about Jay apologizing.

Gospel feel continues throughout. Big fan of it on this track. Not the best track on the album, but it does feel like the focal point. Job accomplished here continuing to tie the album together.

Family Feud featuring Beyonce

Beyonce featured on the track. Classic Hov talking to start about volume levels and including it. Beat fits Jay perfectly, almost would prefer the Beyonce vocal gone and just hear him spit on the beat.

He referenced Becky with the Good hair on this track, sort of a Lemonade response. He also mentions Bill Cosby as Pill Cosby and Al Sharpton.

“Al Sharpton in the mirror takin’ selfies / How is him or Pill Cosby supposed to help me?”

Bam featuring Damien Marley

Very solid opening here by Hov, big fan of the beat paired with the Reggae theme to this track. So far this is my second favorite track on the album.

Talks about running the world, and about those who fake it.


Fan of the way this track is opening.He wanted Moonlight to win the Oscar but La La Land won instead. A bit of an odd track for him to throw in here considering it feels like his legacy album.

Marcy Me

Reminiscing here from Hov talks about Hamilton and quotes a line from the Broadway show. Big fan of the way it is brought together.

Talks about how Brooklyn has changed over the years.


Uses his child’s voice at the start. Talks about his will and how he wants to split it with his family. He talks about his legacy and how things have changed over the years and his heritage.

Overall Thoughts

This is Jay’s legacy album, one where he wants to set the record straight and be remembered by. This is Hov’s gospel.

Has the feeling of his final solo work.

Feel like Jay=Z’s lyrics were drowned out the entire time, levels felt off from bottom to top.But this track wasn’t meant to be a commercial success. It was meant to be his final album.

It has some solid tracks here and there and does its job. For Jay-Z fans this is a must listen, but for those of you who aren’t Hov fans, listen to The Story of OJ, by far the best track from bottom to top.

Album Grade: C+

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