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Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Soft, Bruins Can’t hit Net, The Vulture




Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Soft, Bruins Can’t hit Net, The Vulture1. Bruins Back in the Tournament:

* Heard an amazing stat on Felger and Mazz – Pastrnak has taken 20 shots but only two on net

* Marchand one goal in last 24 playoff games

* Can’t believe how many times Bruins players have crashed in to each other in this series

* You could have Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto in the next round

2. Celtics Playoffs

* This Celtics team might be one of the most heartless playoff teams in Boston in a long time

* Amir Johnson reminds me of the robot Hymie on Get Smart – have a pulse one time

* I’m not kidding when I say this – the entire team and front office should have donated their pay for Game 2 to the local Boy’s Club

* Celtics being dominated on the board falls on Danny Ainge for not repairing a glaring weakness three years ago when Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov embarrassed Tyler Zeller with 27 offensive rebounds in four games

* Celtics shooting three pointers – regular season and playoffs: 2015 regular season .327 / post season .256 / 2016 regular season .335 / post season .275 / 2017 regular season .359 / 2017 post season .338

3. Red Sox

* Can John Farrell do anything right – he hooks unhittable Chris Sale for Mr. Texaco man – who is already overused and Kimble Bob Stanley’s a win (see below)

* Don’t look now but Hanley is hitting .224 without Ortiz to protect him

* Sandy Leon is hitting .225 so far this year – how did he finish last year (June .467 / July .355 / August .306 / September .216)

* Three of Sandoval’s twelve hits are home runs

* Jose Bautista at bats per home runs last three years: 13.6 / 19.2 / 51.0

4. Ortiz last April versus Moreland this April

* Ortiz had 16 extra base hits in April last year / Moreland has 12 already

5. Sad or Tragic Boston sports stories:

* Aaron Hernandez

* Darryl Stingley

* Travis Roy

* Harry Agganis

* Tony C

* Len Bias

* Reggie Lewis

* Boston Marathon bombing

* Norman Leveille

6. Could Tommy John injuries be correlated with the presence of radar guns?

7. Amazing StatMookie Betts struck out for the first time in 129 at bats. In August and September of 2004, Mark Bellhorn struck out 61 times in 150 at bats

8. Old SchoolBill Sharman named to more First Team All-NBA selections than Bill Russell 4-3

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Best ABA names (when you read them name think about that red, white and blue ball spinning on their finger):

Skeeter Swift

Cinninnatus Powell

Red Robbins

Fatty Taylor

Moses Malone

Willie Wise

Goose Ligon

Trooper Washington

Zelmo Beaty

Goo Kennedy

Chico Vaughn

10. Randomocity

* Watch how fast Aaron Hernandez’s family claims CTE

*A Georgia fireman caught a baby from the second floor of a burning building – do they practice that?

* What a terrible stretch of gray skies over the last month – other than Easter

* Deer Hunter better than Apocalypse Now, Natural better than Bull Durham, Snow White over Cinderella

* How can anyone drink Heineken?

* Don’t forget I predicted rabbits would become like the Canada Geese – saturation

* Joseph’s baby aspirin were like candy

* In 1978 – Bob Stanley came in to relieve starters who left with the lead – Stanley then would forfeit the lead and then be the recipient of a Red Sox comeback – leading to a nickname the Vulture for wins he stole – he finished that year with a record of 15-2


State of Trifecta Network



State of Trifecta Network

The last two months have been a whirlwind. There are no words that can truly describe what has happened to us as a website.

We went from a site that was getting an average of 2-3k viewers a week to getting that in a single day on average since the start of June. Since the start of June, we have been a credentialed member of the media to several of the teams in the area and look to increase that in the Fall.

Ultimately everything we create is meant to be read/consumed by our readers, you.  Often it is tough to get a vibe on what is or isn’t working in terms of content. That is why we would greatly appreciate if you guys give your thoughts in the comment section of this post to help us curate better content.

One thing we are looking forward to in the Fall is more reader/writer interactions. We will start doing Q and A’s related to all the Boston sports teams as well as a live Fantasy Football podcast where we will take your lineup questions.

The launch of the Fantasy podcast has yet to be decided, but expect it ahead of week 1 of the NFL season with a draft podcast. We will also be launching a Fantasy Football league to run alongside it if interested in joining fill out the contact form below with your information.

Trifecta Network is a growing platform, we will always be free and made for our readers. We appreciate your readership and want to build the best product we can to ensure the best Boston sports experience in the city.

You may have noticed more video content on the site, it is an area we are looking to improve, but not focus solely on. Many sports sites are going away from traditional writing, a move that I believe is a mistake.

If you ever have any thoughts or comments please feel free to reach out to us.

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Happy Fourth of July From Trifecta Network!



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Pete Frates Tweets Out Video Confirming He Is Indeed Alive



Pete Frates Tweets Out Video Confirming He Is Indeed Alive

Pete Frates, the leader of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still alive.

This has to be reported after Mike Barnicle tweeted a false report on Monday morning claiming Pete Frates had passed away, Frates himself denied the report by tweeting a video of himself set to the Pearl Jam song “I’m Still Alive.”

After the Barnicle tweet, the family denied the report with an update on Frates’ condition posted on Facebook. As this video proves, he is very much still alive.

If you want to donate to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge use this link. 

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