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Patriots Talk: Belichick says Brady is “not a great natural athlete”

Patriots Talk

Patriots Talk: Belichick says Brady is “not a great natural athlete”

In a recent CNBC interview conducted by Suzy Welch about New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the marvelous coach included his thoughts on plausibly the greatest quarterback of all time.

Belichick responded to Suzy Welch when asked for his thoughts on Tom Brady, “A really special player to coach, and he works very hard. He is very smart, he’s trained hard, he’s worked hard on his throwing mechanics, he’s worked hard on his mental understanding of the game and process. He’s earned everything he has achieved but wasn’t always there, he’s not a great natural athlete. He is a very smart, instinctive football player.”

While Talent will only take you so far in this game, an outstanding football player is always looking to improve his game and not live off his talent.

“It’s not all about talent. It’s about dependability, consistency, and being able to improve. And again if you work hard,  if you’re coachable and understand what you need to do, you can improve,” Belichick said in response to Brady arguably being the greatest of all time.

Tom is in a mindset to push more, to achieve more and to get better, which is what makes him not only a great player but a player who is committed to the game.

While aged 39, he’ll be playing into his 40’s. Tom is one of the lucky few to still be playing for this long, and that opportunity is one few players get.

It’s uncertain Brady would still be playing if he didn’t have that strive to improve his game, motivation, and commitment to the league.

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