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Boston Bruins Fall To Ottawa In The First Round And A Look Ahead At The Teams Future

What Should The B’s Do From Here?

The Boston Bruins fell to the Ottawa Senators in overtime last night. This loss knocked them out of the playoffs.

This series was just so evenly matched that each game was decided by only a single goal. Four of the six games went to overtime and one went to double overtime. There were positives and negatives that came out of the series. I will name a few and break them down.


Charlie McAvoy:

He was unbelievable in this series. I know I was the one to say that he should not have played in the playoffs because it would hurt his development. On that I can say that I was wrong. This kid is an absolute stud. He played in all six games and averaged 25 minutes of ice time. McAvoy recorded three assists and five shots as well  and finished the series a minus 2.

McAvoy proved that he is ready to play in the NHL. He has some of the best hockey IQ I have seen in a while. He was rarely out of position which is a lot to say about a 19-year-old. I never saw him make many stupid plays. There was one I think it was game three when he screened Tuukka Rask on a Ottawa goal. But that happens so not that big of a mistake.

I would say look to see him get slotted down to second pairing when Brandon Carlo returns for next season.

Roster Depth:

Boston proved that they have depth in their roster with all of the injuries. We saw that the future for the defense is set, with guys like Charlie McAvoy and Colin Miller, and I would put Joe Morrow in there as well. Morrow is a great 7th d-man that could possibly turn into a 3rd line guy. We saw that even with Noel Acciari and David Krejci hurt the Bruins were able to find a guy to fill the whole. The Bruins have a problem that is good to have and that is they have a surplus amount of players. Look to see some players get moved before next season.


Veterans did not show up:

The Bruins loss the series because the guys that needed to show up did not. Brad Marchand only had two points in the series. Patrice Bergeron, David Backes and David Pastrnak all did not play at their best. Pasta had only 2 goals and had like 30 plus attempted shot with only 10 of them actually hitting the net. Also Zdeno Chara did not play well at all. I know he played more minutes than he should have but he still only had one assist and was a minus three. Overall the Bruins did not play very well in the series. I think they deserved to lose.


The other thing that haunted the B;s was their inability to stay out of the box. The teams discipline was just awful. One game Zdeno Chara shot the puck over the glass for delay of game. The Senators went on to win that game. David Pastrnak committed a penalty last night and the Sens went on to win the series. Now Pasta does take full responsibility for the loss. Their penalty kill was decent but when you give the other team that many power play opportunities.

Up Next

The Bruins have a ton of choices to make. What do they do with Charlie McAvoy? They need to get a contract worked out with Pastrnak and does Bruce Cassidy stay as head Coach. I say sign Pastrnak to three year contract maybe four but no more. Realistically he will probably get 7 or 8 years because Don Sweeney is smart and does not want to lose a player like that. Then keep Cassidy as he proved that he has what it takes to win here in Boston. Boston has a bright future with all of the kids that are apart of the organization. Boston may be going younger and we may see a few of the kids next season. One for sure is McAvoy and the other is most likely JFK.

Also the Bruins have the expansion draft to worry about. They will be allowed to keep 8 skaters and a goalie.

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