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Boston Bruins Playoff Talk: Team Is Falling Apart Just Like The Previous Two Seasons

Boston Bruins Playoff

Boston Bruins Playoff Talk: Team Is Falling Apart Just Like The Previous Two Seasons

The Boston Bruins playoff potential is all but slipping down the drain with the team now losers of three straight games after losing to the Ottawa Senators on home ice on Tuesday. For this team the game against Ottawa was a must win, but a 3-2 loss the night after a 4-2 loss against Toronto is not the way this team needed to play down the stretch here.

The game against Ottawa was pivotal as the Bruins entered the game being down 2-0 in the season series against he Sens and had the chance to get close that gap and move two points closer to Ottawa in the Atlantic Division standings. But instead of moving within one point of Ottawa the Bruins dropped to five points behind the second seed and they remain just one point ahead of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bruins fans wanted one thing to go differently this year and that was for the B’s to not choke down the stretch, this was an issue they had suffered in the previous two seasons and caused them too miss the playoffs in both of those years. With nine games to go in their season the Bruins seem all but on the edge of spiraling out of control once again, but defenseman Torey Krug says the epic collapse of the previous two seasons will not happen this year.

“I haven’t thought about it, I haven’t talked about it. It’s a different feeling this year. [A collapse] is not going to happen this year. I know we’ve got a lot of pride in this room,” said Krug,  “The guys that have been through it. There’s no other option except making sure we stay on course and take care and do our jobs.

“You feel like you played pretty well and things didn’t go your way. You make a big mistake and it cost you. You got to realize what’s done is done, and we have an important task on Thursday [vs. the Lightning]. We’ve got to come to the rink with no other option except winning that game. That’s the mindset we’ve got to have.”

Despite Krug’s words, it is tough not to make the connection between this years team and last years team considering the roster is almost identical for the most part. Plus last season the Bruins seemed like a lock to make the playoffs but failed to pick up points in the last several weeks leading to a must win against Ottawa in the last game of the year where their star goaltender sat out with an illness.

I do believe however this years Boston Bruins team will make the playoffs, despite their one point lead over Toronto you have to feel relatively confident in the majority of the nine games remaining. The toughest games remaining are matchups with the Blackhawks, Senators, and potentially the Capitals who the B’s face in the last game of the year but the Cap’s are unlikely to be playing for something in that game with their playoff spot locked up.

If the Bruins for some reason miss the playoffs and continue to lose hockey games you will see a shakeup of epic proportions. Cam Neely would likely be fired, and for better or worse Don Sweeney could also be gone. Bruce Cassidy would be an interesting case though with Cassidy looking like a solid coach so far for Boston and may warrant the Jacobs family to keep him around in the near future.

But let’s not overreact yet, they haven’t missed the playoffs yet, but if they do there should be hell to pay.

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