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Boston Celtics Blown Out In Game 1 Against LeBron

Boston Celtics Blown Out In Game 1 Against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, But Now Is Not The Time To Waiver Your Support For The C’s

On Wednesday night the Boston Celtics took on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden in Boston.

For Boston things could not have gone worst, they came out slow and saw themselves in a hole that was insurmountable. When it was all said and done the Cavs embarrassed the Celtics 111-104 on the parquet.

Instead of giving the the specifics of how the Cavs decimated the Celtics, I am going to give you hope for game 2 and beyond, and no not the we still have the number 1 pick talk, but the talk of how the Boston Celtics can win this series in seven games.

With Boston having home court advantage and the first two games at home everyone knew it would be tough to take the first two against Cleveland, even with home court. Now with game 2 looming the C’s have a must win game if they have any hopes of moving on to the Finals.

A win in game 2 sends them up to Cleveland for a two game set at a 1-1 series tie. Now let us assume Boston snags one of those two games, come back to Boston tied again at 2-2, then grab game 5, lose game 6 in Cleveland, and then game 7 in the Garden will be Boston’s. If somehow Boston can force that pivotal game 7, there is no doubt in my mind that the Garden will give the Celtics all the confidence they need to dethrone the false king.

Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford will not repeat their game 1 performances, there will be more support from role players like Kelly Olynyk. As for stopping LeBron, Brad Stevens will watch the game film and see that rookie Jaylen Brown is the best option to go one on one with James.

Against the Chicago Bulls the Celtics went down 0-2, against the Washington Wizards everyone counted them out before it even started. Now is not the time to for support to waiver, after a quick turnaround the Garden was not full in game 1, for game 2? That should not be the story, a full arena chanting boos down on LBJ and the “chosen” team can make a difference. The key will be if IT and the C’s can give the fans something to cheer about.

Now is not the time to think ahead to the draft, now is the time to stand by the Boston Celtics and show the rest of the NBA why Boston has the greatest fans in the league.


Boston Celtics Blown Out In Game 1 Against LeBron
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