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Boston Celtics Guard Isaiah Thomas Not Feeling Pressure Ahead Of Game 7

Boston Celtics Guard Isaiah Thomas Not Feeling Pressure Ahead Of Game 7

Tonight the Boston Celtics will take on the Washington Wizards in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals at home in TD Garden. This is the kind of game many players fantasize about and will remember for years to come, winner takes all affairs have created some of the best moments in sports. In the Celtics history there has been a slew of game 7 basketball, throughout these games, the names of the players that rose to the occasion have been the likes of Pierce, Bird, and Russell.

This year however, the guy everyone in Boston will be looking to is All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas. With all the pressure mounting on his shoulders IT isn’t acknowledging it.

“I don’t believe in pressure,”

Instead Thomas on Sunday illustrated how game 7’s bring the best out of players, and he plans on being on his best when his team needs him the most.

“The best players play at their best in those type of situations,” Thomas said of the club’s opportunity in this game. “You always think of Game 7s. Those are exciting times. I definitely, as a little boy, dreamed of being in a Game 7 and winning a Game 7. And hopefully we can do that. It would be so good for this city and so good for this team to win tomorrow night.”

Thomas also went on to recall some of the most memorable game 7’s he could remember.

Paul Pierce vs. LeBron. That was a good one,” Thomas said of memorable Game 7 games that he’s watched. “Kobe’s had a few really good Game 7s. The last one I’ve seen, that I watched the other day, was [Allen] Iverson vs. Vince Carter.

Come Monday night IT will have the opportunity to make on big step toward being a Boston Celtic legend, to be named among the legendary names he mentioned is a real possibility for the Tommy Heinsohn dubbed “Little Guy”.

Can Thomas and the Celtics overcome John Wall and the Wizards? Well that question will be answered late Monday night, but for now the Celtics and the Garden await a legendary game 7 underneath all 17 banners.

“I think everybody’s excited. I think everybody’s ready. We know the Garden is probably gonna be the best we’ve ever seen.”

Boston Celtics Guard Isaiah Thomas Not Feeling Pressure Ahead Of Game 7
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