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Boston Celtics Lose Against Bulls On Weak Call From Officials

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Lose Against The Chicago Bulls On Weak Call From Officials


Boston Celtics Lose Against The Chicago Bulls On Weak Call From Officials

As the clock ticked down to zero against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night the Boston Celtics had thought they had won their last game before the All-Star break as they were up by one when the final buzzer rung.

But the NBA officials had something else in mind as they called a late whistle on Marcus Smart for a shooting foul on Jimmy Butler who had taken and missed a mid-range pull up jumper with Smart right in his face playing excellent defense.

The official who made the call was watching the shot the entire time and waited only until the shot missed to call the foul on Marcus. The officials called the shooting foul arguing that Smart grazed Butlers elbow on the way up to take the shot and that is what made him miss the last second shot.

 “Yeah, we thought we won the game,” said Kelly Olynyk, who had 17 points and seven rebounds. “A rollercoaster of emotions. It’s tough.”

The officials altered the game because they did not like the outcome that they saw, they gave Butler the super star call even though he would have missed that shot regardless of Smart brushing his elbow. Smart after the game said Butler took the shot and then instantly looked to the official begging for a foul which he was then granted.

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Isaiah: “we won this game. We had it won. A great defensive play by Marcus Smart and the ref made a horrible call.”

So Butler missed the game winning shot, then in an effort to not look like he missed it he complained his way to the free throw line and win the game illegitimately.

Now instead of the Boston Celtics entering the All-Star break on a high note, they have to sit and wonder if this game that was stolen from them by the officials could come back to haunt them later in the season.

For Celtics fans they have some interest in watching NBA All-Star weekend with Brad Stevens and the coaching staff managing the Eastern Conference squad and Isaiah Thomas playing in the Skills competition and in the All-Star game on Sunday.

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