Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Prove They Are Not That Good In Blowout Loss

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Prove They Are Not That Good In Blowout Loss

The Boston Celtics had a season defining game on Wednesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and boy did they show their true colors.

With the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference up for grabs Boston got destroyed 114-91, for those of you who thought Boston had any real shot in the playoffs your hopes and dreams should be crushed right now.

For Cleveland it was actually one of their better games all year as they showed who the real King of the East is.

“Just trying to get our team right,” said Cleveland’s LeBron James. “Going down the stretch brings out the best in me.

In essentially every facet of the game the Cav’s were a better team, they made shots, rebounded, and played solid defense. Boston on the other hand played like trash.

“They were better, quicker to the ball, you name it,” said Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. “They were better in every category, and made it really tough on us. We didn’t match them.”

77 games into the season, with five to go, Boston was – on paper at least – Cleveland’s equal. But what was on display on Wednesday showed Boston isn’t even in the same zip code as Cleveland.

Let me be clear though, the  Celtics have every reason to feel good about where they are, but they just are not as far along as many Celtics fans have been led to believe.

One thing that I have been stressing is that even Brad Stevens has reminded everyone multiple times that the Celtics’ play isn’t necessarily at the same level as their record might lead one to believe. The cause of all of this confusion is a 50 win season that led people to believe they were one of the best teams in the East and had a shot at a title.

The loss to Cleveland exposed many of the flaws that have plagued the Celtics this season. When Isaiah Thomas goes to the bench, Boston has no clear No. 2 scorer who can pick up the slack, and with players like Marcus Smart not even shooting 27% from 3 and still getting 30+ minutes a game you will have a serious problems.

The Celtics are still another star away from being a title team, and even with that they will need to have better role players or improved play from their current bunch of guys.

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