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Boston Red Sox Injury Report: Drew Pomeranz Claims To Be Fine

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Boston Red Sox Injury Report: Drew Pomeranz Claims To Be Fine

Last week Drew Pomeranz received a scare when the left handed starting pitcher was added to the Boston Red Sox injury report with a tricep injury. He felt the tricep pain during his start, but now Drew Pomeranz says he is feeling completely fine.

Pomeranz said that he not only felt nothing in his triceps when throwing the day after his second Grapefruit League start, but was planning on pitching his regularly scheduled four innings Saturday without hesitation.

“I’m good,” he said. “Some mechanical thing yesterday. My arm was dragging behind me a little bit and putting pressure on a different part of my triceps more than normal. I don’t normally get there. But watching some video yesterday and this morning, I changed it and I feel fine.

“It was just mechanical. I had a feeling that’s what it was. But it was one of those thing that is hard to fix during a game. I watched a lot of video this morning, went out and played catch and was fine.”

If Pomeranz does remain on the schedule the Red Sox had planned for him (which was delayed due to the pitcher’s left elbow issues), that would necessitate him being ready for the Red Sox’ April 8 start in Detroit.

Following his adjustments Monday, he certainly feels that blueprint can still be a reality.

“I felt better today than I did yesterday pre-triceps thing. I felt fine. I feel nothing, or the same feeling from yesterday,” Pomeranz explained. “At this point I’m trying to get my mechanics down. I was trying to stay low with my arm. My arm was kind of dragging behind me a little bit. I just put a little more pressure on my triceps because my arm was behind me. It’s a bad position for your body to be in. I fixed it today and it felt great.”

Pomeranz may claim to be fine, but he has looked anything but that so far in Boston. So far this spring the 28-year-old has an 11.25 ERA in 4 innings pitched across two outings. Obviously that is an incredibly small sample size in a part of the years where pitchers tend to struggle. But his 4.59 ERA in Boston last season is something to comment on, you could chalk it up to being in a new environment, or the fact that he isn’t built to be a starting pitcher, either way Pomeranz will have to pitch well to start the season if he wants to retain a spot in the starting rotation once David Price returns.

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