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Boston Red Sox Offense Being Below Average Not On Ortiz Being Gone

Sorry Xander, Boston Red Sox Offense Being Below Average Is Not On Ortiz Being Gone

The Boston Red Sox offense failed to show up once again in a 3-0 loss on Thursday night against the New York Yankees despite starter Chris Sale pitching 8 solid innings for Boston.

With the Red Sox offense stalling out reporters after the game decided to ask Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogearts what is wrong with the Red Sox offense and why have they been a different team from last year.

“What’s been different? I mean, David’s not here,” he said. “He’s definitely one of the huge parts of our team for the years that I’ve been here. We definitely miss him. We’ve got to do it without him. We’re trying. We’re trying to put up good at-bats, trying to get guys on base, but having that 34 in the lineup is something that opposing pitchers definitely were afraid of.”

Yeah sorry Xander, not buying this at all. Last season the Red Sox offense scored on average 5.4 runs per game, pretty good. So far this season they are averaging 3.7 runs per game, league average is 4.2 runs per game. So if you are trying to tell us that you cannot even be an average offense without David Ortiz then you are admitting you and your team are trash. Now I am going to give the Red Sox a bit more credit than Xander is giving them this season.

With a lineup with Mookie Betts, Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., on top of other talented offensive players, the minimum accepted value should be an average offense. The thing is they are below average, still early in the season, but at 11-10 and a real shot to finish April under .500 causes a real reason for concern.

Players like Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez have to be better, it isn’t about the power really, it is about driving in runners. Dustin is batting .242, and Hanley is batting .235. It is these core players that have really been holding the Red Sox offense down and not the retirement of Oritz. Of course, production would fall off without him, but being below average is not acceptable given their payroll. I believe they will bounce back, but with Xander sitting in the clubhouse giving excuses to the media I am not sure if the right mindset is in the clubhouse.

Also to all of the Red Sox beat reporters who were stroking Bogearts off, go and be a professional and stop falling head over heals for a player giving you an excuse. More than one reporter credited Xander for telling the truth with the loss of Oritz, in reality, he doesn’t deserve that praise unless he came out and said he and his teammates need to play better.

“I felt great,’’ Sale said. “I wanted [the ninth] bad. I didn’t want to say anything, but I wanted to go out there. … You can’t go out there and want the ninth inning and do that. It’s just unacceptable.”

“We have a chance in the ninth and I just completely took the wind out of our sails,” said Sale, who added he didn’t talk to manager John Farrell about staying in the game. “I’m pretty sure they knew I wanted it. You can’t let it blow up on you.”

For example, after last night’s game, the starter that went 8+ innings with 10k’s giving up 3 runs was Chris Sale. Quality outing? Not according to Sale, he says he needs better execution. Now you tell me which approach you liked better.

Boston Red Sox Offense Being Below Average Not On Ortiz Being Gone
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