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Boston Red Sox Offense Has Been Declared Missing, Have You Seen It?

Boston Red Sox Offense Has Been Declared Missing, Have You Seen It?

Boston Red Sox stud pitcher and today’s “Pedro MartinezChris Sale was traded from the White Sox to Boston and he likely hoped to see more run support under the Red Sox. But so far Sale has gotten what many would call the cold shoulder treatment by the Boston Red Sox offense as their entire lineup has gone missing.

Sale pitched 8 full innings in a 3-0 loss to the New York Yankees striking out 10 batters making it the first time since Jon Lester to strike out 10+ in the four consecutive starts with at least  7 innings pitched. Sale has looked masterful so far this season for Boston posting a 1.19 ERA in five outings, despite his godlike stat line the ace has a 1-2 record with the Red Sox offense continuing to pound sand for their star pitcher.

How bad have they been with Sale on the mound? Well while Sale has been on the mound for Boston he has had a total of two runs supporting him in a five-game stretch where he has gone at least 7 innings in each start. Yup in 37 and 2/3 innings pitched he has seen just two runs during his outings. Of course, the Red Sox scored more runs than that in his five starts, but other than two all came after he was out of the game.

So how bad is this David Ortizless offense? Well take a look at their AL rankings below, I will understand if you have to puke during it.

AL Rankings:

Runs 13th

Home Runs 15th (Dead Last)

RBI’s 8th

BB 11th

SLG 10th

OPS 8th

There are some positives:

Hits 3rd

AVG 1st

SO 3rd

As you can tell by their rankings they fail when it comes to hitting the long ball and especially in terms of driving in their baserunners. The Red Sox have been very successful this season in getting hits and possessing a high average as a team, their issue has been growing a set and driving in their baserunners. They rank 24th in the majors in runs and 21st for slugging percentage, their core hitters are failing to drive in key runs and in turn, have disappointed their pitching staff.

The RBI leader for Boston is Mookie Betts with 11, that is good for 37th in the majors off the leader Daniel Murphy by 14 runs. Boston’s home run hitter is Pablo Sandoval whose 3 home runs is not bad, but the Panda is the only member of the team that has more than 2 dingers, as a team in 20 games they have only hit 11 home runs. Thankfully for Boston, they have a pitching staff that led by Sale is in top ten team statistics for every major pitching category. The scary thing is the rotation will be even better as time goes on, but the question is whether or not the Red Sox can turn around their offense.

With it being late April a 3.5 game gap between the Sox and the 1st place Orioles is not a big obstacle. But at 11-9 and their offense stalling out something is going to have to change or what’s the point? Sandy Leon is not a good hitter, and a good chunk of the rest of the Red Sox hitting staff is overrated, almost to the extent of every pitching prospect that has failed in the organization.

With talented players such as Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, and Xander Bogaerts in the everyday lineup production will come, the question has always been the same with the 2017 Red Sox, and that is can their offense overcome the retirement of David Ortiz. Right now the answer to that question is no. Hate to be the bearer of bad news Boston, but no point in sugarcoating what is going on right now.

Boston Red Sox Offense Has Been Declared Missing, Have You Seen It?
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