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Boston Red Sox Twitter Guru David Price Gets Ahead Of Media Mess

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Boston Red Sox Twitter Guru And Ailing Ace David Price Gets Ahead Of Media Mess By Creating One Himself

Boston Red Sox ace David Price is back at it again, this time taking to Twitter to get ahead of any questions the media might have by holding a social media press conference where no questions were asked.

This all came after Price threw a bullpen session on Monday at Fenway Park as he works his way back from an elbow injury suffered during spring training.

Since it was an off-day for the team, reporters didn’t have the chance to talk to Price about the session afterward, so Price took to Twitter on Tuesday to say how it went and to say that’s all he would be saying on the matter.


Not the right way for David Price to handle this

Price has been known to have thin skin and read through his Twitter mentions like it is his job. Part of me wonders whether or not he tweets this kind of stuff just to read the negative comments. I say that because I think he actually needs/wants negativity in his life.

The first tweet was weird, the second tweet is even weirder. Doing that on Twitter isn’t going to satisfy any reporter in the Red Sox media brigade if it does then we have a real issue with sports journalism in this town. If I am covering the team with a credential I would walk in there today and go at Price with real questions like the reporter did to Russell Westbrook the other night.

If Price wants some advice, shut up and just pitch. Do what John Lackey did a couple of seasons ago and avoid all contact with the media and just focus on pitching. No one around here cares about anything other than your performance on the field, fans only want to see you succeed, no one is sitting around wishing bad things upon you.

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