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Breaking News: Boston Bruins Have Named Bruce Cassidy As The 28th Head Coach

Bruce Cassidy Named Head Coach

Earlier this morning the Bruins announced that Bruce Cassidy would stay the head coach for next season. Cassidy was the interim coach for the last 33 regular season games and the entire postseason.

In his time as head coach he was able to turn the team around. Cassidy and the Bruins finished the season 18-8-1 which allowed them to make a playoff appearance for the first time in two seasons. Since he took over the team led the league in goals per game (3.37), fewest shots allowed (741), tied for second in wins (18), tied again for second in power play percentage (27.8%), tied third in goals allowed per game (2.30), tied for fifth in faceoff percentage (53.6%), tied for sixth for takeaways (229).

Cassidy also played in the OHL, AHL, IHL, and NHL. He also played in Germany and Italy. He was a defensman and was drafted 18 overall in 1983 by the Chicago Blackhawks. Through five season he potted 4 goals, 13 assists with 10 penalty minutes in 36 games.

Bruce has shown that he has what it takes for him to be a head coach. What I like the most is that he is not afraid to let the young kids make mistakes. For example he has told David Pastrnak that if the opportunity is there, try and make the fancy play or make a one on one move. He believes in more offense than defense and by that he likes to push the offense more so than rely on the defense and goalie to win the games.

I hope to see the Bruins make it deep in the playoffs no that Bruce has a whole bunch of kids at his disposal with a whole lot of talent. I think the Bruins have a shot to make it the East finals next season. Only time will tell.

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