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Connelly 10 – Celtics Spot Wiz / Cartoons / Fred Lynn



Connelly 10 – Celtics Spot Wiz / Cartoons / Fred Lynn

1. Celtics Playoffs –

* First – I was wrong that the Celtics were done down 0-2 to Chicago

* Started the game 0-9 shooting / out-rebounded 11-0 / down 16-0

* Won by 12 making it a 28-point turnaround

* 19-39 three point shooting – insane – can’t live off that

* Horford looked like an All Star 21 pts / 9 rebounds / 10 assists (please don’t bring the ball up on the break)

* Can’t let Gortat set moving pics the whole series

* Rozier reminds me of Dee Brown

* How bad is Zeller that he can’t get minutes over Amir Johnson

* Next fan in the front row that looks for a high five from a player – capital punishment

* I’m going to estimate that NBA officials get it right 60% of the time

* I loved the Wizard’s coach in Back to the Future

* I’m gonna be saying Washington Bullets all series (speaking of that – update on Chicago shootings below)

2. Red Sox –

* I noticed this at the end of last year and continued into this year – Jackie Bradley isn’t throwing like he used to – and it looks like its traveled around the league because third base coaches are sending runners

* Red Sox game times: 20 of 24 games over three hours / one under 2:30

* Saw a stat I think in the Globe – Panda has missed more games with the Sox than he has played in

3. Bill does it again

* With this year’s draft, Bill got an all pro caliber receiver / a potential All Star pass rusher / a starting tight end and two steals in their third round

* I love that Bill picked twins up in the free agency – Cody Hollister, WR, Arkansas and Jacob Hollister, TE, Wyoming – the league will be freaking out about this and create a rule for next year banning such witchcraft

4. Around the MLB:

* Cleveland has one of the most exciting teams in baseball – average home attendance 20,244

* Bryce Harper is .386 (he won’t hit .300) I would trade him right now to the Yankees for Judge, Sanchez and Betances

* Ryan Zimmerman on pace for 71 HR / 175 RBI

5. Nationals Anthony Rendon Sunday compared to 6/22/1975 Fred Lynn”

Fred Lynn…………5 for 6 / 10 RBI / 3 HR / 16 Total Bases / Triple / 4 Runs

Anthony Rendon – 6 for 6 / 10 RBI / 3 HR / 16 Total bases / Double / 5 Runs

6. Bruins signed into year 2020 -Marchand / Krejci / Bergeron / Backes / Rask = $27mm

7. Amazing Stat – How did Nomar fall so fast – Look at his numbers from 1999 & 2000:

* Average .365

* 148 extra base hits

* 207 runs / 200 RBI

* 89 K’s / 112 BB

8. Old School – Old School boxing match in London Saturday– reason to talk boxing

* 2000 fight Vince Phillips and Ray Olivera – two combatants threw a combined 463 punches in the twelfth round – 2.57 punches a second

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – My top ten cartoons of all time (not including prime time animation):

1. Bug’s Bunny

2. Flintstones

3. Jetson’s

4. Scooby Doo

5. Fat Albert

6. Rugrats

7. Underdog

8. Hong Kong Phooey

9. Speed Racer

10. Johnny Quest / Popeye

10. Randomocity

* Tragic story written in the Hamilton Spector on Stan Jonathan shooting another hunter by mistake

* End of the month is here – what’s the murder pace for Chicago – 573 / total shot 3,123 or NINE a DAY!

* Doc Rivers – over-rated

* I’m predicting that the Big 3 basketball league featuring retired NBA players will destroy the WNBA in ratings

* Woody Wood Pecker is annoying

Tanner founded Trifecta Network in Spring of 2016 and has been the Chief of Content for the Network since that time. Currently Tanner covers all the sports teams in Boston and has contacts in many of the teams in the city. Before starting Trifecta, Tanner was a Site Expert for the FanSided site Chowder and Champions before leaving to cover Boston teams on the ground as a member of the media for Trifecta.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics Have a Bench Problem



Jayson Tatum

With the Celtics suffering a nonplussing loss at the hands of the Utah Jazz, it’s become apparent: This bench is gonna need some help. And they’re going to have to find this help from within themselves.

Ever since he was acquired from the Pistons, Marcus Morris was expected to be the most talented asset on the Celtics bench. Morris has the skills to be a secondary powerhouse in the NBA. Just last season, for Detroit, Morris averaged 14.0 PPG and just about 5 RPG.

But unfortunately his young tenure in Boston has deteriorated into “what ifs”.

Marcus has been afflicted with a lancinating and unrelenting pain in his left knee. Not only did he miss the start of the season, but he’s been sidelined yet again by this tenacious problem.

Without Morris on the court, Boston’s bench lacks that veteran’s heart and wisdom that he provides. They also are mathematically short in the scoring department, without the versatile big man.

As we saw Friday night at the Garden, somebody is going to need to step up – and fast.

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Patriots Football Talk: Pats Squish The Fish




It was a cool November Sunday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.  The crowd was pumped and who could blame them for the big rivalry game that we saw.  It was New England vs Miami.  It was Patriots vs Dolphins.  And boy was it a game!

The Patriots got the ball first off of opening kickoff.  They went 3 and Out but went with a fake Punt on 4th Down.  Wow did they fool Miami on that one!  Nate Ebner got the ball for the Patriots Special Teams and ran it for the 1st Down.  It was a gutsy call but the Patriots followed through with it.  Rex Burkhead would get the first points on the board with a 1 Yard TD Rush, on the very first drive of the game.  Yes folks the Patriots would go on to put the game to bed early once again!

On their next Drive of the game Tom Brady would hook up to Rob Gronkowski for 20 Yards down the field.  He would eventually score on a 5 Yard TD Pass from Brady.  Making the game [14-0] Pats.  It was just a good hook up.  Brady played unbelievably well, same with Gronk.  By Half Time it was [21-10] Patriots.  The Patriots gave up a Fumble to the Miami Defense to give them the score.  Brady just wasn’t expecting the snap from the Center at the time and the ball bounced off of him into the backfield.  It was recovered and ran into the End Zone.  Nothing you could do about that one.  Miami would get a Field Goal to make it a closer game than it actually was.

Then after Half Time Brady connected again with Gronkowski, to make it [28-10] Patriots.  It was a great connection in the End Zone and you know that Gronk was hungry for another one.  He tapped his toes and held on to the ball.  Awesome!  After that it was pretty much in the bag for the Patriots.  Yeah they would give up a Touchdown to Kenyan Drake but they weren’t seriously in trouble of losing the game.  A big play by Dion Lewis to get to the 4 Yard Line, then a flip pass to Bradin Cooks would seal the deal for a TD and the Game.  It would end with a score of [35-17] Patriots.

Some real notable stats were: 18/28 for 227 Yards with 4 TDs for Tom Brady, 15 Carries for 112 Yards for Dion Lewis, 5 Catches for 82 Yards with 2 TDs for Rob Gronkowski, 6 Catches for 83 Yards with a TD to Cooks, and 13 Carries with 1 Rushing and 1 Passing TD for Rex Burkhead.  It was another all around complete game for the Patriots.  Brady spread the ball around to 8 different receivers.  The Defense played well with several sacks, with 2 INTs, and a Fumble Recovery.  Jonathan Jones‘ had a memorable and important sack in the 4th Quarter to end a Drive by Miami.  All in all it was another outstanding performance by the reigning Super Bowl Champs.

With this Win the Patriots now go to 9-2 on the year.  Tops in the AFC.  Leader of the AFC East.  Yep this was a Division game and they mean the most.  The Fish got Squished and who is up next?  Well that would be Buffalo.  Yikes!  Good luck trying to contain this Offensive nightmare.  Except for Pittsburgh it’s all Divisional games from here on out.  Which looks great for the Pats!  Next Sunday, December 3 it’s New England at Buffalo at 1 pm on CBS.  Better bring your Popcorn for these festivities!  And what was up with Burkhead on Gronk’s back, that was an interesting TD celebration.  Gronk wouldn’t comment on it but I bet it would have been a funny story!  Go Pats!

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How the NBA has Posterized the Modern Age



Nobody watches sports on TV anymore, right? The instant gratification, that technology offers us, overpowers our interest to consume sporting events in their entirety.

It’s like choosing a home-cooked meal over astronaut food – consuming highlights on Twitter is SO much more efficient than watching the whole game.

Analysts have deduced, from declining NFL TV Ratings, that the audience for sports is dwindling. Excuses manifold have been made in an attempt to explain this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon.

You hear things like social media, those darn video games and even Reefer Madness. Others point to rule changes and a degrading “on the field” product. Some have even conjectured that recent political controversies have dissuaded a large portion of the NFL audience from watching telecasts of the game.

There are no days like the good ol’ days!

But the NFL is not the only sports league to be afflicted with declining ratings.

In fact, America’s favorite pastime, baseball, has all but lost the viewership of the younger demographics. This is the part of the population that will buy merchandise. They actually care about who’s “in”.

The average MLB fan is now 100 years old.

I joke, but this is not a huge exaggeration. The average MLB fan is now 53 years old, while the NFL’s average fan is not much younger – at 47 years old.

Two of the major sports leagues have hopelessly seen their popularity diminish, over the past few decades. So one would presume that this trend has spread across the rest of the Sports World. But the NBA has actually prospered during this window of media volatility.

The NBA’s season-opener has increased, in Nielsen TV Ratings, by about 63% since 2015. And the average basketball fan is only 37 years old. 

Somehow basketball has managed to appeal to the younger audience that is umbilically attached to electronic distractions. Yes, the very same distractions that have syphoned away the attention of these fans from the other sports leagues.

This must suggest that the NBA is communing with some wizard who is giving Adam Silver and his subordinates total clairvoyance, right? Well, the NFL and the MLB should stop searching for their Magic 8-Ball. It’s not out there.   

The NBA’s continued success is easy to explain: It is the league of Pop Culture. Therefore the NBA is both the cure and the symptom. And it is the only institution that is impervious to the ever-changing winds of digital time.

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