Connelly 10 – Bruins Done, Celtics Done, Tax Week Dangerous


Connelly 10 – Bruins Done, Celtics Done, Tax Week Dangerous

1. Bruins Back in the Tournament:

* Backes invisible – looks like an old Keith Crowder or Wayne Cashman

* Pastrnak invisible – He is nervous even his passing stinks – no hands

* Shots in two games by Pastrnak 1 / Spooner 0

* They should be hitting Karlsson 30 times a game – like Buffalo used to Bourque

* Bruins are allowing Senators to run them

* David Krejci out again – has averaged 66 games a year – last five years

* Classless Rask showed up 19-year-old Charlie McAvoy after the second goal with a stare

*  Last goal – Chara penalty / Marchand giveaway / Rask threw-up on the shot before keeping the play alive

* I think the crowd sometimes chants at games to lure Jack Edwards into telling the TV audience what they are chanting


2. Celtics Playoffs

* The series is over – it’s about options in the playoffs – Chicago has two (Wade and Butler) / Celtics have one

* Amir Johnson is useless – has he ever boxed anyone out?

* Celtics outrebounded 53 to 36 / gave up TWENTY offensive rebounds

* Celtics took 38 three pointers – think of that – that’s one every 1:15 of the game

* The last two minutes of the game took over twenty minutes – NBA do something about all those timeouts

* Enough with the Isaiah MVP chants – he has zero chance – chant I.T. instead

* Crowder should worry less about Gordon Hayward and baiting Boston racist discussions (see ESPN and Saturday Night Live) and worry about his playoff performance: last eight playoff games he has shot 24-84 (28%) / last nine playoff games three-pointers – 11-48 (23%)

* Crowder was a MINUS 10 / Smart was a MINUS 13


3. Red Sox

* Sunday Sox game after Easter perfect set up for a nap – game was a ridiculous 3:46 – the top of the eighth inning took TWENTY minutes

* Teams, like golfers, should be fined for slow play

* Think of this way – the Kenyans on Monday will run 26.2 miles an 1:40 minutes faster than the Sox game OR almost eight Seinfeld’s

* Runs scored for Chris Sale 1.25 a game

* Mitch Moreland flipping RBI singles into left field – looking like Wade Boggs – his .356 average is a hard .356 too

* Saturday – first and second no outs and Sandoval at the plate hitting .135 and Farrell lets him hit away


4. Boston Marathon stuff – American Men winners by decade:

* 1900’s – 7

* 1910’s – 7

* 1920’s – 8

* 1930’s – 7

* 1940’s – 3

* 1950’s – 1

* 1960’s – 1

* 1970’s – 5

* 1980’s – 3

* 1990’s – 0

* 2000’s – 0

* 2010’s – 1


5. Jackie Bradley is already 45th  in Red Sox history in career strikeouts with 367


6. Most Over-rated in Boston sports history:

Paul Pierce

Roger Clemens

Tuukka Rask

Drew Bledsoe

Jim Rice

Russ Francis

Andre Tippett

David Krejci


7. Amazing Stat – Rajon Rondo has more top ten finishes in MVP voting than Paul Pierce: 2 to 1


8. Old School – Things that have happened this week in history (tax week):

* Virginia Tech Shooting

* Marathon bombing

* Oklahoma bombing

* Branch Davidian

* Abraham Lincoln Shot

* Columbine High

* Bay of Pigs

* American Revolution starts in Lexington


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Ridiculous movie Fast and Furious which is more unbelievable than a Disney cartoon is going to do an opening weekend that exceeds $100,000,000 – compared to these year’s Oscar nominated movies for the year:

Hell or Highwater…..$26mm


Manchester by the Sea..$47mm




10. Randomocity

* Reese Easter eggs are awesome!!

* I saw a Facebook post from the Bruins alerting fans to ticket availability for playoffs – wow – where have all the Revere girls gone?

* From Mike Holley’s book War Room on Asante Samuel: “in the Super Bowl win over the Eagles, he had been playing zone when he should have been playing man, and it led to a touchdown. Against the Giants, Samuel had gotten lost in the coverage, so Tyree became Harrison’s problem”

* Nice job by the Navy Seals sabotaging that North Korean missile – embarrassing Kirby Pucketts Asian cousin

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