Boston Celtics

Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Even, Red Sox Even with Machado, Bruins Not Even from Refs

Boston Celtics

Connelly’s Top Ten: Celtics Even, Red Sox Even with Machado, Bruins Not Even from Refs

1. Bruins Back in the Tournament:
* I have said it all week – Bruins brass, including Cassidy, had to go “Harry Sinden” on the refs and the league – unprecedented in NHL history that a team lose on TWO overtime power play goals in same series – has to be a first (especially after Schaller had got pulled down already in OT and Pierre McGuire said that’s the standard) / Krejci knee blown up no call / Two goals taken away / no penalty shot / Methot punching people in the face and gets nothing. Neely can you do anything other than pump your fist after a goal
* Marchand’s worst game of his career – either lost the puck or his footing almost every time he touched the puck (ONE GOAL LAST TWENTY-FIVE PLAYOFF GAMES)
* Sidebar – is it bad karma to have a Chipolte ad on your ice?
* Does the Bruins alumni team have any salary cap room for Backes seeing he has four years left on his contract (they will be buying out the last two years)
* Ottawa was 6-0 at the Garden this year
* Bruins outshot them (30-29) / outhit them (42-32) / won more faceoffs (56%) / blocked more shots (16 to 8) and LOST
* How many times are the Bruins going to ice the puck
* Over $12mm for Backes, Hayes, and Beleskey – the last 36 combined games – one goal
* Looking to the offseason – things to improve on – not clearing the puck over your own glass / hitting the net with at least 40% of your shots

2. Celtics Playoffs
* Isaiah is a marvel – trade him right after the season
* Jimmy Butler free throws 23 / Celtics 22
* Smart needs to get in Butler’s head
* Bruins and Celtics are 0-5 at home this playoff series
* Isaiah’s game has to start with getting to the paint and then getting free looks outside – not the other way around
* Celtics shot 27% from three point land and won
* How is Lopez allowed to set pics by wrapping his arms around Celtics
* It appears that Brad Stevens under-utilized Gerald Green this year

3. Red Sox
* Nice job by Barnes trying to get the job done on Machado – you can’t be near the head though
* E Rodriguez threw up on Dean Wormer the three times he went after Machado’s legs
* How many times in baseball history have the first four hitters scored to start a game?
* Pedroia can’t throw his pitcher under the bus after the pitcher’s had his back
* Did I see Bogaerts wearing a Fitbit when he was playing?
* Jackie Bradley’s home run was a bomb Saturday night – urine test soon to be requested
* Benintendi 15 for his last 30

4. Sixth Round of the 2000 NFL Draft:
* Four players from the sixth round of the 2000 draft made Pro Bowls – Brady, Adalius Thomas, Marc Bulger, Neil Rackers
5. Earning your pay:

*99 NHL players played all 82 games / 17 NBA players played all 82 games

6. What’s more dangerous?
* Sitting in the Monster Seats when John “Wayback” Wasdin was pitching
* Standing behind the net when Pastrnak is shooting
* Sitting in the first row when Jae Crowder shoots
* Being a quarterback with Reggie White on the other side of Max Lane

7. Amazing Stat – Interesting stats in the Globe –
* In the NFL draft – Belichick has traded down 19 times but traded up 18 times
* The five players on the ice for the Bruins for Friday’s overtime winner were all Americans

8. Old School – These three incidents had to be dealt with:
* Wideman taking out Krejci and then talking trash to him – Chara has to take a penalty right there going after him – think Varitek fighting ARod and how that turned 2004 around
* Machado taking out Pedroia – I was sick to my stomach watching Steven Wright dancing a knuckler up to the plate and Machado gets a base hit – thank God they went after him Sunday
* Rondo trying to trip Crowder – can’t happen – Crowder has to get in his face

9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Names, phrases and places every good Boston fan should no
* Margo Adams
* Parry Sound
* “Dippsy Doo”
* “Mercy”
* 199
* Blue
* Cardiac Kids (to dream the impossible dream)
* Do your job / it is what it is
* Heartbreak Hill
* Snowplow

10. Randomocity
* Will Audi get a rebate – they sponsor each Bruins goal
* What is slanting the opinion of NFL scouts’ on Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey – that he is smaller or white?
* Hate that the Patriots have six-night games this fall
* If the NHL only has one timeout – why does basketball need so many – give them one a half
* Jerry Remy must be grumpy having to stay after games for the post-game show
* Sunday Sports on TV – English Soccer FA Cup at 9:30 / Red Sox at 1:30 / Bruins at 3:00 / Celtics at 6:30
* Will Howard allow Chuck to go to Joanie’s funeral?
* My odds that David Price gets surgery 65-35 – which means he has already missed 3 months of recovery. Don’t plan on seeing a winning game out of him until 2019.
* Scientists marched on Washington Saturday – in other news Staples stores in the nation’s capital have run out of pocket protectors

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