Boston Bruins

Connelly’s Top Ten: Boston Bruins Get Hosed By Referees

Boston Bruins

Connelly’s Top Ten: Boston Bruins Get Hosed By Referees

1. Official’s Call

* First of all – the ref had already established he was letting everything go – Two Bruins were pulled down in the offensive zone
* Nash received a vicious elbow to the head – official had already established he would send off both players earlier in the game
* No way does Dominic Moore chase a skater like Karlsson behind the net and give him free run on the game winner
* To set up the other team in overtime on a questionable call should be censured by the league
* Neely or Cassidy had to be waiting for that referee after the game – Neely has to take a league fine. Can not happen that was the series.

2. Offense

* Might have been Bergeron’s worst playoff faceoff game I’ve ever seen
* I know Pastrnak scored (only shot of the game) but he was so bad – I would have contemplated sitting him like Julien did to Seguin / what did I tell you that he can even handle passes he is pressing so back
* Marchand another no show with one shot – did get a stupid penalty though – he also was losing every 50-50 battle and backed down from punk Methot
* Marchand ONE playoff goals in his last TWENTY THREE post-season games
* Too bad Krejci couldn’t play – oh he did?
* Outshot 32-20 absurd – passing it around the perimeter on power plays was bogus
* Congratulations to Spooner who got his first shot on net in three games
* Chara please hit the net 30% of the time

3. Defense

* Chara looked tired
* Kevan Miller best defenseman of the night
* Morrow is a good skater
* Cross was holding on for dear life all night
* Backes got used again by Karlsson on the second goal out at the blue line

4. Ottawa

* Brassard took Bergeron’s lunch money winning 18 of 24 faceoffs
* Hoffman is exciting – the first goal is one of the great goals/passes in NHL HISTORY – In the air from his one end line from Karlsson which Hoffman caught on his tape and them went Forsberg on Rask
5. Physical Play

* Methot getting free punches at Bruins and the ref sending off the guy who ate glove is absurd – Cassidy should have gone Great Santini on the Bruins – you take down Methot or don’t come home!
* Chara took a two-hander across the wrist – he needs to skate over to the Ottawa bench at a stoppage of play and threaten that Senator’s life
* You have to hit Karlsson every single time – the entire offense runs through him
* Red Auerbach would be on every news station talking about Phaneuf’s stickwork putting the refs on notice

6. Refs

* Gutless not sending off just Methot after he punched Schaller in the face
* The first call of the night on Backes was bogus too

7. Stat of the night

* Hoffman had more  than double the shots than Marchand, Chara, Pastrnak, Backes combined: 8 to 3

8. Kraft Sighting: 10 minutes left in the third period

9. Coaching

* Good job by Cassidy switching up Backes and Pastrnak
* He needs to go nuts on the Nash penalty call

10. Misc

* The yellow towels are too cliché – we don’t need to be stealing from the Steelers
* Rene Rancourt not on his game – and should have sensed the crowd was into the National Anthem and held the microphone up to let the crowd finish (by the way he is looking like the Wizard behind the curtain)
* I never seen a Bruins team lose their sticks more than Game 3 – Derek Sanderson would have told the story about his Niagara coach pulling players who ever lost their stick
* Is that Tony Montana coaching the Senators

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