Five Questions With Chowder and Champions Site Expert Logan Jakubajtys

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Five Questions With Chowder and Champions Site Expert Logan Jakubajtys

Logan Jakubajtys is a site expert over at Chowder and Champions which happens to be the Boston sports affiliate for Time Inq.’s FanSided brand. This interview is part of our five questions series where we ask members of the media/athletes/ and other influencers five questions regarding their field.

Logan is currently serving in the United States military and he gave us an idea on what it is like to write and cover Boston sports while also serving at the same time.

1) What has been your favorite story to write about?

The Patriots Super Bowl LI comeback for sure. There were so many story lines coming out of the game, from Blount’s struggles to Edelman’s catch. It was the craziest comeback I’ve ever seen, and I was able to write about it for weeks!

2) How do you balance your service time and your writing? 

At times it’s tough. I recently just got onto deployment and the first few days I wasn’t able to write at all. Now that I’m settled in, I’m finding time to write for Chowder and Champions. In some ways I have an advantage with my +13 hour time difference from the East coast. For example, when I’m off work, it’s sometimes when news breaks in the middle of your night.

3) Who is your favorite Boston sports athlete of all-time? 

Easy. Pedro Martinez. Though the Patriots are my favorite team, there was nothing I loved more than watching Pedro pitch for the Red Sox.

4) Out of all the athletes that have served in the armed forces who is your favorite? 

The late Pat Tillman. His sacrifice for this country is second to none. No one would leave their multi-million dollar contract in the NFL to serve, but he did. He was a tremendous football player, but was an even more tremendous person.

5) Given all of the talk over Tom Brady‘s age, do you think he will finish his career with the New England Patriots? 

I do. The Patriots will keep Brady until he can no longer play at a high level. Brady has said he will only play in the NFL as long as he doesn’t suck. Those two things will lineup, and TB will end his career as a lifelong Patriot.

Thank you to Logan for coming on and doing the five questions series, make sure to check him out over at Chowder and Champions.

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