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Patriots Report: Blount and New England Still Have Mutual Interest In A Return


Patriots Report: Blount and New England Still Have Mutual Interest In A Return

LeGarrette Blount had a lot of success last season for the New England Patriots, but so far the running back remains a free agent. New England has brought in Adrain Peterson, but AP left without a contract offer according to multiple reports. With New England still looking for a running back many are wondering if they will bring back LG, and on Monday we got an update on those chances.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport gave the latest on Blount’s status on NFL Network.

“I know LeGarrette Blount would like to return to the Patriots and I know the Patriots would like to have him back, but at this point the salary hasn’t been more than some of the other running backs on the roster already make, especially some of the newly acquired ones in Rex Burkhead,” he said. “They are just not there yet as far as getting LeGarrette Blount back in the fold for the Patriots. Maybe [the Peterson visit] will move things along, or maybe he is able to get a visit somewhere that will let the Patriots know that he has other suitors. That should transpire this week.”

Salary is a big factor in signing Blount because it’s clear there is interest between the two sides, it’s just a matter of making the money work. The 30-year-old has not had a base salary in the NFL of more than $1 million and his highest paid year was last year when he earned $1.5 million. This is very low compared to Burkhead, as he just signed a one-year deal worth $3.1 million. Coming off a season leading the league in touchdowns with 18, Blount has every right to want more than what Burkhead is making, but the Patriots probably wouldn’t come close to that price tag.

It’s clear the Patriots need a big back given their small demeanor at the back position, but they don’t necessarily need it to be Blount. It’s possible they select one in the draft or sign a free agent like AP or DeAngelo Williams.

Blount could remain a free agent until after the draft and the Patriots, as well as other teams, assess their situations and go from there. It’s also likely Blount will probably be forced into taking less money than he would like no matter what team he signs with given the fact he is still a free agent.

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