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Patriots Talk: Adrian Peterson Left Without A Deal With The Patriots


Patriots Talk: Adrian Peterson Will Not Be Joining The Patriots

On Sunday, media outlets were informed that Adrian Peterson was coming to the New England Patriots on Monday morning. It seems that Adrian and the Patriots didn’t finalize a deal and he will not be signed. According to Good Morning Football‘s Peter Schrager, during their Monday broadcast, he was informed that the Patriots were not signing the former Minnesota Vikings running.


Let’s understand that Bill Belichick is not the first nor last team that the aging veteran will go to. He has already expressed interest with other teams such as the Seattle Seahawks or Oakland Raiders. However, the way things are going, he is unlikely to make a deal until the summer hits. The reality is that nobody will overpay for an aging running back who is coming off a terrible 2016 campaign. The best chance he has is taking a discount to be on a team otherwise he is likely retiring before the end of free agency.

One obvious issue to remember is Peterson’s domestic violence history. It is a key factor that no matter what, would force the signing to go through Robert Kraft. Despite Belichick signing controversial players before (see Michael Floyd), this would be the final nail in the coffin.


In addition, the Patriots have already signed former Cincinnati Bengals [running back] Rex Burkhead to one-year-deal worth 3.5 million (Burkhead by himself, is worth both Dion Lewis and James White combined, in terms of cap hit in 2017). Another running back that doesn’t fulfill a specific role (i.e. a traditional power-back like LeGarrette Blount) would be redundant. Burkhead is the equivalent of a Swiss army knife, (in that he can be applied to multiple different roles) which makes him invaluable to the team. As of today, Peterson and the Patriots are finished with discussions and his leave likely means he will have no further business with the team.

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