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Patriots Talk: NFL Draft Recap

Patriots Talk: Draft Recap

It feels like yesterday everybody was raving about the NFL Draft and whom the next big stars would be coming into the league. The Patriots were one of the few teams this year who didn’t have a 1st Round pick and the only one who didn’t trade up into the 2nd Round. While it would seem as though the Patriots were being patient, the draft class for this year was exceptionally deep at many skill positions. However, the team had only six selections in this draft. But the Patriots began trading early on:

  • New England traded back in the 3rd round by sending their 72nd overall pick to the Tennessee Titans along with the 200th overall pick to go back to the 83rd overall and gaining a higher pick in the fourth round with the 124th overall.
  • The Patriots then took the 124th overall pick and made a package deal with the 96th overall pick (4th Round) to move up into the third round to pick-up the Detroit Lions’ 85th overall draft pick.
  • New England sent the 183rd overall pick (5th Round) to the Kansas City Chiefs to acquire [tight end] James O’Shaughnessy and the Chiefs’ 216th pick (6th Round).
  • And finally the Patriots then moved their final two picks; 216th  and 239th, to move up and acquire the Dallas Cowboys’ 211th overall pick.

After all of this, the Patriots ended up having only four selections in the 2017 NFL Draft:

  • With the 83rd overall draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Patriots selected Youngstown State University outside linebacker/edge rusher, Derek Rivers. He is a player with an athletic build but possesses good speed and could fill a similar role like Jaime Collins if he develops properly.
  • With the 85th overall pick, the Patriots selected Troy [Offensive Tackle] Antonio Garcia. Based on his tape, Garcia is very raw and needs to bulk up to play tackle at the NFL level. he is the most likely one to make the 2017 roster if he plays behind left tackle Nat Solder who is currently set for free agency after the 2017 season.
  • With 131st overall pick, the Patriots select Arkansas [defensive end], and current Patriot, Trey Flowers’ former teammate, Dietrich Wise. Wise is the type of player that can work well with Flowers on the defensive line and can be a pass rusher that can set the edge in the running game. He is a versatile player who can be used as a 4-3 or 3-4 interior defensive end as he has rare physical gifts for his position (35 5/8 inch arm length, 10 1/2 hand size) along with his football IQ being exceptionally high (he comes from a football family afterall).
  • With the final pick at 211th overall, the Patriots select another offensive tackle, this time from UCLA, Connor McDermott. McDermott is massive but needs to add more bulk and strength. He will be another developmental prospect alongside Garcia. According to McDermott, he said he was around 235-240 pounds when arriving at UCLA. All game tape from last season, he was at 300-305 pounds. This will mean he can change his overall weight if given enough time.

Overall, the Patriots added just a tight end in O’Shaughnessy and four draft picks total. The team managed to address all of their needs that I felt were critical coming into the season (tight end, offensive line, and defensive end). With all of this, they checked-off all their biggest needs. If we include their free agency moves like adding Brandin Cooks, Mike Gillislee, Dwayne Allen, Stephon Gilmore and Kony Ealy, there is no team that has as many impact players as the New England Patriots do in 2017.

Patriots Talk: NFL Draft Recap
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