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Patriots Talk: Joe Mixon isn’t on the Patriots Draft Board

Oklahoma Sooners Running back Joe Mixon

Patriots Talk: Joe Mixon isn’t on the Patriots Draft Board

The NFL Draft is vital for all 32 teams to resupply their team with new young talent that will become future starters and potentiality Pro Bowlers later in their career. The reality is, the draft is always something to look forward to in the NFL off-season. As of last month, former Oklahoma Sooners [running back] Joe Mixon has been scouted by several NFL teams during his time such as the Denver Broncos or the Los Angeles Chargers. However, according to sources, the Patriots have already scratched Mixon off their draft board.

The statement came from Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft during his interview this past Monday. He stated the following:

While I believe in second chances and giving players an opportunity for redemption, I also believe that playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. For me, personally, I believe that privilege is lost for men who have a history of abusing women.

In 2014, Mixon got into an argument with a woman at a bar named Amelia Molitor. The argument resulted with Mixon punching the woman and was charged with a misdemeanor assault. He accepted a plea deal and was suspended for his entire freshman year at Oklahoma.

Kraft and the Patriots have held a zero-tolerance policy against domestic violence that can be traced back to the 1996 draft with former [defensive tackle] Christian Peter. Bill Parcells selected the Nebraska Huskers defensive tackle in the fifth round of the 1996 NFL draft for the New England Patriots. However, it was revealed he had a long history of domestic violence against women including the rape of Kathy Redmond. Kraft and his now deceased wife, Myra, learned of these allegations and demanded Peter be released within a week following the draft.

Nebraska Huskers defensive tackle Christian Peter (55 left side) in 1995 opener (Photo was taken by Ted Kirk/Journal Star)

Nebraska Huskers defensive tackle Christian Peter (55) tackles Okalahoma State running back David Thompson (28) in 1995 opener (Photo was taken by Ted Kirk/Journal Star)

Mixon is one of the most controversial prospects coming into the 2017 draft. What makes his situation worse is video evidence was made public of the incident in December 2016 showing Mixon throwing the punch that reportedly broke four bones in Moliter’s face. However, Mixon’s assault is not defined as a domestic violence incident, but rather severe misdemeanor and assault which is still terrible by all accounts.


Currently, teams like the Miami Dolphins have already taken Mixon off their board due to his incidents raising ‘character concerns’.  This situation isn’t any different from Kansas City Chiefs‘ [Wide Receiver] Tyreek Hill, who was sighted with concerns in last year’s draft after his assault charges were brought up on him. For now, Kraft has stayed true to his message of not tolerating domestic violence within his organization (despite many critics sighting that former Arizona Cardinals‘ [Wide Receiver] Michael Floyd‘s DUI charge should have made him illegible to be taken by the Patriots). The Patriots have neither a first or second round pick in the 2017 NFL draft, and missing out on a talent like Mixon would be a shame, but understandable decision.

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