Patriots Talk: NFL World Podcast Says That The Patriots Are Bad For Football


This is just fuel to the fore for us Patriots Fans

All I see in this video is hear how smart Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick (the G.O.A.T.) are at creating a good football team. The guys talk about how all of the New England Patriots recent signings are unfair. It is not Bill’s fault that he knows how to manage money, also players want to play for a winning team not a losing team like the Buffalo Bills. The pats picked up one player from a winning team and that is Brandon Cooks, and maybe Lawrence Guy.

Another thing it is not the Patriots fault that there are only 5 teams that are good every year. One of guys says that this is too much for the league ( in regard to all the recent signings), what does that even mean. How can a team be too good? The Patriots are a great team but they are not too good, everyone else just sucks. The whole time the guy bad mouthing the pats is a Jets fan. Who listens to a jets fan when talking about the Pats. He automatically does not like the them because his team sucks.

Now lets talk more about how everyone hates the pats. Why is this? We do not know. Is it Roger Goodell brainwashing the rest of the league into hating us? Is it Tom Brady being the G.O.A.T., I do not have the answer. If anything I have more questions. Now I was not around when John Elway and Jo Namath played but I am pretty sure people did not say this about them. The Patriots are just the patriots you either love them or hate em.

All I know is that I can not wait till this upcoming season and see a Brady to Cooks, Allen touchdown.

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