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Patriots Talk: Richard Sherman Trade Is Not Happening

Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman

Patriots Talk: Richard Sherman Trade Is Not Happening

So the last 24 hours hours have been filled with nothing but news discussing about [cornerback] Richard Sherman. There were talks behind the scenes about a potential trade deal between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. However, as of now, those rumors are now wasted as the news broke last night that the Patriots are no longer interested.

The story broke out yesterday over concerns about the New Orleans Saints deal with Malcolm Butler. However, Butler is a restricted free agent so he will be staying till his first-round tender is officially signed. Of course, there is also the fact that Richard Sherman also carries alot of additional problems.



What is seemingly evident, is that the asking price was too high. Sherman’s contract for the next two seasons will be 14 million ON AVERAGE. That is a lot of money to pay especially when the team already has Stephon Gilmore signed now for the next five seasons.


Then you add into the fact that Sherman has yelled at his coaching staff, which means Seattle [Head Coach] Pete Carroll is trying to bring Sherman’s ego back down to earth. This is common when a player has reached the high of point of his popularity. Let’s understand that someone like Sherman who was part of the original Legion of Boom defense and is one of the best corners in the NFL. Ego is only one of your worries.


The way I see it, the deal was never likely to make it off the ground. The possibilities with Butler’s situation have been too many to count. (They are likely to be resolved now that he is seeking a new agent.) and Seattle unwilling to part with one of their most popular players without a huge amount in return. There was too much for anybody to expect this trade to ever amount to much.

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