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Patriots Talk: Roger Goodell will attend Patriots’ Season Opener

Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell

The NFL regular season is still 6 months away but discussion was sparked recently about NFL [Commissioner] Roger Goodell. Yesterday, he confirmed to the press at the NFL annual meeting that he will be attending the New England Patriots season opener in September at Gillette Stadium. This is quite the shocker as many Patriots’ fans have held a firm stance of discount towards the NFL commissioner. This would be Goodell’s first appearance in Foxboro since the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in January of 2015. (Which sparked the Deflategate controversy)



The reason for his attendance is old NFL tradition.  The defending Super Bowl champions will be the ones to begin the NFL season game opener, often in their own stadium. Patriots’ fans can look forward to this, it doesn’t mean that this will become anything but a non-issue. Patriots’ Owner Robert Kraft talked about Goodell on Monday in a press interview addressing his thoughts on the matter.


“Look, he’s commissioner in the league. As we all know, he has the right to go wherever he wishes to go. And if he wanted to come, he’s welcomed to com”

“We’re happy we’ll be celebrating our fifth banner. He can decide whether he wants to be there.”


Despite the good will that Robert Kraft is showing here, it doesn’t mean the same with the fans. While, the fan-base have gotten over Deflategate with the Patriots winning Super Bowl LI, it doesn’t mean it will be forgotten. I prefer to be silent on my honest opinion on the NFL Commissioner, but, I will say this. Roger Goodell will be booed from every corner of Foxboro stadium all the way till he is leaving New England, and anything less is being considerate.

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