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Patriots Talk: Sebastian Vollmer Officially Declares Retirement

Patriots Talk: Sebastian Vollmer Officially Declares Retirement

Well at this point, it’s all but confirmed now that former Patriots [right tackle] Sebastian ‘Seabass’ Vollmer is considering retirement from the NFL. The 32-year old, confirmed the news on an Sirius XM Radio interview a few days ago. I called this months ago when the Patriots released as he was of PUP list and the missed the entire due to shoulder and hip injury. He had reported that at this time, May 16th, he lost a significant amount of weight within the past year. Vollmer had stated that he dropped about 75 pounds which is significant considering he was on average above 320 pounds as a offensive tackle for the team.

Vollmer has confirmed he will not play football anymore with his release. Considering his significant drop in weight makes him too light to play on the offensive line now, its quite clear he is done. His weight right now would be 245 if his statement on losing 75 pounds is accurate. The photo below shows Sebastian as of April which is a significant weight lost from last year just based on his overall size.

Even though Vollmer didn’t get the chance to help the Patriots go forward to their Super Bowl run, its very nice to see that he will be able to retire with little consequences. His injuries over the course of his career likely became too much for him at this stage in his life and its likely for the better. Auf Wiedersehen Seabass , Patriots nation is going to miss you.

Patriots Talk: Sebastian Vollmer Officially Declares Retirement
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