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Patriots Talk: Tom Brady Doesn’t Attend White House Visit

Patriots with President Trump

Patriots Talk: Tom Brady Doesn’t Attend White House Visit


Yesterday, the New England Patriots attend their White House visit with President Donald Trump. However, a public statement from Patriots’ [Quarterback] Tom Brady was given that he would not attend the public event. According to the statement, he was not among the players who came to the White House due to ‘personal family matters’.



This was unexpected since Tom Brady has been known to have close ties with the newly-elected president before his controversial 2016 presidential campaign. Some critics have looked at this as Brady trying to avoid interaction with President Trump. This can be dated back to when Trump announced at a New Hampshire rally before election day that Tom Brady had written to him: ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend and I voted for you.’


When Brady’s wife, Giselle Bündchen, was on Instagram a fan was suggesting she and her husband supported the then Republican nominee. Giselle replied ‘NO!’ It was later publicly stated by Brady that him and his wife would avoid talking politics from then on which he stated was ‘a good decision.’



While politics might have something to do with it, there is a very good chance it’s something much more important. Galynn Patricia, Tom Brady’s mother, was reported to be suffering from ‘illness’ for the past year. The only game she attended in 2016 was Super Bowl LI. Brady dedicated the game to her and led the team to the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.



Mrs. Patricia is in Boston with her family alongside her husband Thomas Brady Sr.  Brady posted on Instagram celebrating his parents’ 48 years of marriage. Although it may seem like an excuse, family will always be the first priority for anybody so I will say good for him.


In addition to Brady’s absence, nine other Patriots players have been confirmed to not have attended the White House. Among them were: Chris Long, Devin McCourty, LeGarrette Blount, Martellus Bennet, Alan Branch and Dont’a Hightower who all have heavily disagreed with President Trump’s stances and policies. Wide Receiver Danny Amendola was unable to attend due to a funeral that was being held yesterday.


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