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Patriots Talk: Tom Brady Jokingly Bans His Father From Talking To Media


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Has Always Had A Vocal Family When It Comes To Supporting Him, Now His Dad May Have Stepped Over The Line

Tom Brady Sr. has made various comments over the last couple of weeks including one saying that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t even belong on the same stage as the Patriots QB.

In his weekly radio interview on the Kirk and Callahan program presented by WEEI Tom Brady reacted to his Dad’s comments and even joked around saying his Dad is banned from talking to the media.

“I’ve banned my Dad from talking, so he’s no longer available to the media,” Brady said with a chuckle.

“I love my Dad. As any parent knows how much you love your kids. My Dad has been my best friend my entire life. He’s always been my No. 1 supporter. Hopefully he’s at the game cheering me on. He’s great man and I love him to death. He’s taught me everything about life. Certainly about how to be a father because he’s been the best one a son could ever ask for. I try to pass those things on to my kids because he was so supportive of not only me but my three sisters were all great athletes in their own right. My mom, they’re still married after close to 46 years. I’ve been very, very fortunate.”

For what it’s worth Tom Brady sat down with ESPN’s Chris Berman on Sunday night and said he has no issue taking the Lombardi Trophy from Goodell’s hands.

Also in his WEEI interview Brady said he doesn’t want to talk about politics during Super Bowl week despite his relationship with President Donald Trump being at the centerpoint for many members of the media outside of New England. It will be interesting to see how he reacts if he gets pelted with one political question after the other at media day.

Either way the main focus of this team has to be football and football only as the goal is too bring the fifth Super Bowl victory to New England.


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