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Conneley’s Top Ten: Red Sox, Sergio at the Masters and Patriot Trades

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Conneley’s Top Ten: Red Sox, Sergio at the Masters and Patriot Trades

1.Red Sox update

* Clean innings for Kimbrel as a Red Sox 32 of 61 (no Eckersley)

* Red Sox catchers have thrown out all four base stealers

* Sandoval last 100 at bats as a Red Sox .160 / 1 HR

* Heath Hembree and Noe Ramirez = Wasdin and Rapp

* Outfielder dance at the end of wins – goofy – go back to taking the picture – not seeing much rhythm from Benintendi

* Jackie Bradley should be handed the Golden Glove before the season


2. Why Marchand shouldn’t be an idiot:

* 2017 – Pasternak and Marchand’s 73 goals were 31.5% of team total

* 1971 – Esposito and Bucyk’s 127 goals were 31.8% of team total


3. Masters

* Great golf down the stretch – Garcia’s iron play was amazing

* He putted that putt on 18 in regulation right where he was aiming

* I find myself rooting against Sergio – must be Ryder Cup hate

* Ricky Fowler and his Oompa Loompa spray-on-tan-pant color refused to win the Masters

*Was Fred Couples separated at birth from David Duchovny or Garth Brooks

* Masters still on the bucket list!


4. Patriots trades using draft picks in Belichick era:

* Brandin Cooks………2017 – 1st Round pick

* Dwayne Allen………2017 – 4th Round pick

* Eric Rowe………….2016 – 3rd Round pick

* Martellus Bennett…..2016 – 4th Round pick

* Talib………………..2012 – 4th Round pick

* Ochocinco………….2011 – 5th & 6th Round pick

* Albert Haynesworth..2011 – 5th Round pick

* Deion Branch……….2010 – 4th Round pick

* Derrick Burgess…….2009 – 3rd & 5th Round pick

* Randy Moss………..2007 – 4th Round pick

* Wes Welker………..2007 – 2nd & 7th Round pick  

* Doug Gabriel………2006 – 5th Round pick

* Andre Davis………..2006 – 5th Round pick

* Duane Starks……….2005 – 3rd Round pick

* Corey Dillon……….2004 – 2nd Round pick

* Ted Washington……2003 – 4th Round pick


5. NFL rule change suggestion – all field goals of 60 yards or more should be uncontested


6. Quotes from the Globe leading up to the David Ortiz signing:

1/1/03 – Ortiz, 27, appears to be the most appealing option to the Sox, and he has helped his cause by tearing up the Dominican winter league. A 6-foot-4-inch, 230-pounder, he is batting .351 with four homers, 23 RBIs, and a .422 on-base percentage in 20 games for Escogido. He has served primarily as a DH over six seasons with the Twins, though he appeared in 132 games at first base, committing nine errors.

1/1/03 – Epstein’s prime target appears to be free agent David Ortiz, who hit .272 with 20 homers, 75 RBIs, and a .339 on- base percentage last season for the Twins. The Twins released the left-handed-hitting Ortiz in part to avoid going to salary arbitration with him after he earned $950,000 last season. He has drawn considerable interest, and the Sox are among several teams jockeying for his services.

1/10/03 – “We’ve talked to them about it,” said Ortiz’s agent, Fernando Cuza. “It would be a good fit. David would love to play there. He would do some damage at Fenway Park, and he would be great in the clubhouse.”

1/23/03 – Ortiz, meanwhile, passed a physical in Boston Saturday and has agreed to a one-year deal for a sum in the vicinity of $1 million. Ortiz, a lefthanded hitter, batted .272 with 32 doubles, 20 home runs, and 75 RBIs last 1/23/03


7. Amazing Stat – In the 1980-1981 Celtic season, long distance shooter Chris Ford attempted 36 three pointers / this year’s Celtics attempts 33.3 a GAME


8. Old School – What do Oscar Robertson’s and Ted Williams Triple Crowns have in common? Neither won the MVP:

* 1962 NBA MVP – Russell 1st (18.9 pts / 23.6 rebounds / 4.5 assists) Chamberlain 2nd (50.4 points / 25.7 rebounds / 2.4 assists) / Robertson (30.8 pts / 12.5 rebounds / 11.4 assists)

* 1942 MLB MVP – Joe Gordon 1st (18 HR / 103 RBI / .322 AVG) / Williams 2nd – (36 HR / 137 RBI / .356 AVG) – robbery


9. Just a Little Bit Outside – Red Sox have the flu – what other illnesses have they had over the years:

* Racism-itis

* 25 Cabs – 25 Players-itis

* Triple-itis – slow big slugging right handed hitters (Danny Cater, Beetle Bailey, Bob Watson, Dick Stuart, Wily Mo Pena – all meant no speedy runs from home to third

* Popeye Chicken addiction-itis

* Joe Kerrigan’s phobia of holding runners-itis

* Carl Everett mania-itis

* Wally-phobia


10. Randomocity

* If you haven’t seen the Warren Buffet documentary on HBO – I recommend – simple but interesting

* Applications for the Harvard class of 2020 – 39,041 / accepted 2,106 (5.4%)

* Wow – Fortune Magazine ranked Theo Epstein the greatest leader in the world – the world!

* Boston Globe had a feature on the Huracan Spyder Lamborghini – cost $241,295 / or can lease for $20,048 down payment and then $3,199 a month

* Francis Ford Coppola wanted to fire Al Pacino throughout Godfather until the restaurant scene

* If you love baseball – MLB Network is amazing

* I used to love the salty popcorn at Fenway in the upside-down cone for yelling “we want a hit”

* Winter Olympics in South Korea – yikes – that could be an opportune time to send a missile

* Don’t look now but Tim Tebow on pace to hit 50 home runs

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