The NCAA March Madness Tourney Comes In With A Roar

March Madness

March Madness Is Underway

It’s that time again when brackets mean everything.  So much so that the Madness of them leaves us speechless.  Yes it’s March Madness again, otherwise known as the [NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament].  Everyone will be following their own brackets.  I am just like everyone else.  I have my brackets filled out and I can’t wait to follow my teams.

Last year Villanova ran the gauntlet and ended up winning it all, becoming National Champions.  I was thrilled.  With Villanova being me father’s alma mater, I have followed Nova Basketball all my life.  It was so thrilling to see them win last year, and in the way that they did it.  I felt like a younger version of myself again, catching Tourney news in between school classes.

Once again Villanova has had a great season so far.  With a number 1 ranking in the country early on; they have shown that they can be the best.  They are the number 1 seed in the [Eastern Region].  And I have picked them to go all the way again.

They will have their work cut out for them again with the usually stacked bracket, [3 Baylor] and [2 Duke] will be teams to watch out for.  The other Teams that may give them trouble are [1 Gonzaga], [1 Kansas], [2 Arizona], [2 Louisville], [1 UNC], and [2 Kentucky].  We will see how well they play in their first game of the Tourney against [16 Mt. St. Mary’s] at 7 pm tonight.

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