Macrh Madness: The Teams Of The Final Four Are Set

March Madness

The March Madness Final Four Has Been Set

Two number 1 seeds [1 Gonzaga] and [1 UNC] make it to the Final Four along with 7 South Carolina and 3 Oregon.  It was a stunning [Sunday] as the last two games of the Round of 8 [Elite 8] concluded.  With both fast offensive plays and hard-fought physical defensive plays, this years [NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament] gave us a lot to talk about.  In the end most people’s Brackets were busted as two gifted lower seeded teams made it to the Final Four.  7 South Carolina made a name for themselves as this was the first year in team history to make it to a Final Four.  3 Oregon played with heart as they fended off a very good 1 Kansas Team, to make it to the Final Four.

Lets not leave out the number 1 seeds, as they had quite the journey.  1 Gonzaga made team history as well, as this will be their first Final Four appearance.  1 UNC had to fend off a very good 2 Kentucky Team to make it to the Final Four.  This was no easy task yet the Final Four Teams went through the gauntlet and came out stronger and more determined than ever before.

Looking back on it the upsets that really stand out are the 1 Villanova upset, the 2 Duke upset, the 2 Arizona upset, the 2 Louisville upset, and the 3 Baylor upset.  These upsets really changed the Tournament standings.  More importantly they were Bracket Busters.  The Elite 8 was something that we had never expected.

The match ups that really took our breath away and made us bite our nails were 7 Michigan vs 2 Louisville, 8 Wisconsin vs 4 Florida, 3 UCLA vs 2 Kentucky, 1 UNC vs 2 Kentucky, and 7 South Carolina vs 4 Florida.  These were the match ups that we will be talking about for the rest of the year.  They had buzzer beaters, overtime, fast paced scoring, and great physical defense. The Tournament made us stand up and cheer or yell at our TV’s.  They made us squirm on the edge of our seats or bite our shirts as we grind our teeth.  These were the games where if you looked away for a moment, you would miss something.  These games made us stay in our seats till a time out gave us a bathroom break.  They made us wait till half time for a smoking break, and even then we had to hurry back to catch-all of the action.

This year’s Tourney gave us everything and now that it is down to 4 Teams, it will give us a champion.  I can’t wait for [Saturday] and I bet you can’t too.  I’m sure the games will be exciting and history making.  It has all led up to this [Saturday] when we find out who the last two Teams will be.  Will it be the fast paced offenses of 1 UNC or 1 Gonzaga; or will it be the physical defense of 7 South Carolina; or will it be a tempo game of the two of 3 Oregon.  We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Final Four Bracket:

  • 7 South Carolina vs 1 Gonzaga
  • 3 Oregon vs 1 UNC

Both games are on Saturday on CBS.

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