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Patriots Talk: Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey is Found

Tom Brady's suspect board on Instagram

Patriots Talk: Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey is Found

The mystery of [Quarterback] Tom Brady‘s missing jersey has finally been resolved. The night after Super Bowl LI, it was publicly announced that the jersey was missing from the New England Patriots locker-room to the public and many law enforcement including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The stolen Super Bowl jersey became a topic of comedy such with comedian Seth Meyers poking fun at the situation on his show Late Night. This wasn’t the first time that this has happened during a Super Bowl event. (A great example is nine years ago when the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII, they had given Hall-of-fame [Linebacker] Michael Strahan a replicate jersey that resulted in a lawsuit)

Die Hard Patriots' fan with TB12's missing Super Bowl Jersey on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers (Image was screen-captured from YouTube channel on February 14th, 2017) Member of the audience wears TB12’s missing jersey (allegedly)


Tom Brady also got in on the fun and posted a photo on his Instagram of who he suspects was the culprit. Despite the situation, Tom Brady had stated public ally he wanted to retrieve the jersey to give to his mother, Glynn Patricia, who had been battling illness for the past year. This resulted in many authorities searching for over a month to retrieve the Super Bowl jersey from Houston police, NFL security and the FBI. Today, it was announced that not only was the Super Bowl LI jersey retrieved but the jersey from Super Bowl XLIX (which took place two years ago) was also discovered as well. The press announcement was on Fox Sports (FS1), the official NFL statement was recently sent out by NFL PR expert, Brian McCarthy on Twitter which stated:


The identity of the culprit has remained anonymous for the time being until more details are released but its very likely that whoever stole both Super Bowl jerseys will have their press credentials revoked.  The international media network that the person works for is possibly close to the Southern United States as Super Bowl XLIX (Arizona) and LI (Texas) are located in that region. While the situation has been resolved, its quite shocking that Tom Brady rarely mentioned the missing jersey from two years ago. The jerseys were both found in Mexico (where specifically is unknown), which likely suggests that the suspect is of foreign origins. And in addition to the missing jerseys, it was speculated that Denver Broncos‘ [Linebacker] and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller‘s Super Bowl 50 cleats could have been stolen by the same person.

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