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Vaughn And Morgan Believe Roger Clemens Should Be In Hall Of Fame



Mo Vaughn And Joe Morgan Believe Roger Clemens Should Be In The Baseball Hall Of Fame

With the Hall of Fame vote next week, one of the major storylines for Boston is if Roger Clemens will be voted in. With Clemens, there is the lingering issues of PED use and the way he handled the entire situation.

But according to his former teammate, Mo Vaughn, and former coach, Joe Morgan, The Rocket should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Speaking to the media after this PawSox Hall of Fame induction on Sunday, but fully supported Clemens effort to be in the Hall. When asked why this is what they had to say.

Vaughn: Yes, because he is one of the greatest pitchers of all-time and I think everybody has different types of errors with different stains and different marks. Plus, he is my friend, that helps too. But he should be inducted. All of those guys. However, you want to do it, but an asterisk by the name or whatever you want to do. They are a part of history.

Morgan: I would put him in, because he made me a fortune.

Vaughn’s approach is one that many have taken as of late. The PED use and voting users in the hall of fame has been a hot button issue in baseball. Players like Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds are notable players who failed to garner votes. At the moment, voters have stayed away from anyone suspected of using PED’s.

Clemens’s character was also asked about during the media session with both men saying Clemens was essentially a model player and teammate.

Morgan: He was very good, never bothered anyone.

Vaughn: Best teammate you would ever have. I remember one time I got plunked in Minnesota late in the game we were up 1-0. He went out to the mound and started drilling people. You would want anybody in the foxhole to play the game than him.  One of the greatest teammates I have ever played with.

Vaughn was then asked what he would say to Hall of Fame voters to convince them to let Clemens in.

 Stop holding grudges, we are all not perfect. I am sure someone has done something that that they wish they could take back. Let’s move on.

Clemens had a 140.3 career WAR, 354 wins, 3.12 career ERA, and 4672 strikeouts in his Major League career.

Baseball and its Hall of Fame is a process that involves a lot of politics and relies on the thinking of old school baseball writers.

There will be a time where players who have taken PED’s or suspected of doing so will be allowed in. But for now, players like Clemens will likely remain out. But one can imagine, sometime soon, that players like Pete Rose and Roger Clemens will be granted access to a place where they genuinely belong.

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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Have Signed JD Martinez



JD Martinez

Time for a celebration Red Sox fans, the team has reportedly signed a big-time bat.

According to Pedro Gomez of ESPN, the Boston Red Sox have signed free agent DH/OF J.D. Martinez.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the deal is for five years with a player opt-out option after two seasons. The deal is valued at $110 million with it being a front loaded contract prior to the opt out. Full terms will be revealed later.

Martinez has played for three teams in his career starting off in Houston, moving to Detroit, and then being traded to Arizona this past season. The 30-year-old has had his fair share of struggles in major league baseball but was able to figure it all out in 2017 by belting 45 home runs between the Tigers and Diamondbacks with a .303 batting average and 104 RBIs.

Martinez’s role with the Red Sox is unclear at the moment but he can be expected to DH and the corner outfield positions. Having the opt-out in the contract is a huge incentive for Martinez who will likely be playing like it is a contract year given the front-loaded nature of the deal.

Boston has landed their guy, the question is will it be enough for them to contend with the New York Yankees?

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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Are Close To Signing JD Martinez



JD Martinez

Red Sox fans everywhere can start to rejoice as the big move the team desperately needed is getting closer to completion.

According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Boston Red Sox and free agent J.D. Martinez are closing in on a deal.

Other reports have also confirmed that a deal is imminent but that Dave Dombrowski and the team have yet to acknowledge or confirm anything is done or nearing completion. It does appear however that talks between Martinez and the Red Sox are at an all-time high and their seems to be high confidence that both sides will come to terms on a deal in the near future.

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Boston Red Sox

John Henry, Red Sox Owner: ‘We really don’t need to be popular. We need to win.’



Ever wonder why Boston Red Sox fans or Liverpool fans have shown a hatred towards John Henry? Well if you did look no further than his idiotic and out of touch comments that he made on Monday during his yearly media availability.

Red Sox owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner were asked if they were concerned about the level of popularity of the current team compared to past years.

Wener, one of the producers of Roseanne went first.

“I don’t quite see it the way some of the fans see it. I respect their point of view but I think we’ve got a fun team and if it’s healthy I think were going to be — we’ll bring the fans back,” Werner said. “Obviously we’re in a market where there’s a lot of excellence. We’ve got four championship teams and they’re all playing extremely well. So hopefully now it’s the beginning of spring training and we can have some focus on the Red Sox.”

Henry provided a follow-up that was a bit odd for an owner that makes money off of people liking his teams.

“We really don’t need to be popular,” he said. “We need to win.”

For a team so image conscious the statement is bizarre. But hey, maybe Henry is checked out and will sell the team.

There are plenty of other things to do in the summer than watch Red Sox baseball, maybe fans should take Henry’s lead and turn off the team if they fail to win.

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