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Eckersley Not Looking For An Apology From David Price

Red Sox Talk: Dennis Eckersley Not Looking For An Apology From David Price

Alot has been made of the back and forth between David Price and Dennis Eckersley. Many fans are likely getting sick of the story and its distraction of what actually matters. But more news has come out of the story.

Ahead of Tuesday nights game against the Cleveland Indians, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe sat down with Eck and got his side of the story. Eckersley stated he wants to move past the incident which occurred over one month ago.

“I’m cool with everything,’’ Eckersley told the Globe before Tuesday night’s game. “I’ve moved on. I’m just going to keep doing what I do, which is call it like I see it. It’s all about the Red Sox and the ultimate goal of winning it all.’’

Eck was back in the building on Tuesday to fulfill an obligation to appear in the Legends Suite and not to be on the NESN broadcast. A return to the airwaves will be on Thursday. But according to Shaughnessy the Hall of Fame pitcher has yet to receive an apology from John Farrell, David Price, or any of the players that applauded their grandstanding teammate.

During the game on Tuesday when the Red Sox were playing Eckersley’s career highlights on the big board the fans were frantically cheering for him at Fenway Park. This introduction occurred during an NESN commercial break which is the norm. But with this being the biggest story in the Boston market, it is truly concerning that the network doesn’t care about covering it. Obviously, the team owning it has presented a serious conflict of interest.

While the fans were cheering, Eck acknowledged the Fenway Faithful by mouthing “Thank you very much,’’ and “you’re the best.’’.

Red Sox fans have shown their appreciation and support of Eckersley over the last month with almost everyone on his side during the Price incident. And for that, Eck is appreciative.

“The support of the fans has been incredible,’’ said Eckersley. “I am truly humbled. I want to thank the Red Sox organization for their support, too. They were there for me.’’

According to the Globe Report, the Red Sox reached out to Eck when he was in Cooperstown this past weekend to set up a meeting between him and Price. But after Price’s double-down on Saturday, the Hall of Famer informed the team he has no interest in meeting with Price.

He didn’t want to hear a fake apology or be berated again by a pitcher not worth his weight. Price alleged that his bad boy incident caused the NESN color guy to change his style in the booth. But Eck strongly disagreed with that sentiment which is of course predictable.

But this situation between Price and Eck has been an absolute PR nightmare for the Boston Red Sox. The incompetence from a player level all the way through the coaching staff to the top is borderline unbelievable. While I am not under the impression this is the breaking point for the 2017 Boston Red Sox. I do believe it will be what they are remembered for in years to come.

The Price v Eckersley saga will be comparable to the Beer and Fried Chicken saga of 2011.

Eckersley Not Looking For An Apology From David Price
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