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Trifecta Sports Network is a Boston based sports news website that launched in February of 2016. Tanner Rebelo founded the company by himself and with the help of Justin Doyle and Evan Cook they were able to get the website started on Weebly.

The site was fully active with daily content until September when Tanner shuttered the site to work for FanSided as a Site Expert. In February of 2017 with the Super Bowl on the horizon, Tanner left FanSided to relaunch Trifecta Network on WordPress. After a month back open Trifecta Network brought in its first writers from the outside and hired a flurry of new staff to cover sports.

On Monday, March 13th after over a month on a WordPress host, Trifecta Network transferred to a self-hosted domain to increase flexibility and launch a site redesign.

Since March, Trifecta Sports Network has accelerated its growth bringing in a third editor and continuing to add key staff to increase content output.

Trifecta has made content sharing partnerships with inclusion in Google News, Bing News, and Pro Sports Reference Sites. With the credibility of the site rising along with exposure Trifecta Sports started reaching out for media credentials in Spring of 2017.

Trifecta Sports is part of the PGA, NFL, MLL, MLS media umbrella’s along with being credentialed by the New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston Cannons, Boston Bruins, and the Providence Bruins.

What we do

Different than the rest

Trifecta Network is a Boston based sports journalism website that strives in providing our readers with accurate analysis and takes on sporting events.

Our company delivers on our goals by creating content tailored to fit the needs of our demographic. We are able to do this by being a credentialed media entity with multiple Boston sports teams and teams in the surrounding area.

The Trifecta Network was voted Bostons best sports blog of 2016 by WGBH readers for their annual city vote competition. As a network we are always actively searching for talented individuals who would like to contribute to the site and make it a more enjoyable experience.

For anyone looking to create content for Trifecta Network please feel free to email [email protected] with a resume and a writing sample or apply using the Write For Us link in the menu above.

In addition to constantly seeking talent, the Trifecta Network is also always seeking sponsors for both our website and our podcasts.

If interested in sponsoring our content or have any other business related questions feel free to fill out the contact page on our site or email [email protected].