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Boston Bruins Jersey Could See A Uniform Change With Adidas Takeover Of Design For New Season

Bruins Jersey May See Changes

According to and the Boston Bruins could see a new jersey design. Recently the NHL Announced that Adidas will be taking over the design of the jerseys from Reebok in the upcoming season. Hopefully it is nothing drastic.

A Jersey that has Stood the test of time

Boston’s uniform and logo has been around since the beginning of the NHL as a part of the original six. Throughout the years they have been one of the few teams who’s logo has not made and drastic changes. The biggest was when they used the gold jersey with a bear head on it. No one liked that jersey and I mean no one liked it. Other than that changed the only real change was the stripes on the bottom of the uniform. Also a few years ago the team came out with an alternate jersey that was homage to the original. But the logo has stayed through the times. The eight spoked “B” was introduced in the 1949 season and has been in since.

What might Adidas Do

Now Chris of thinks that there will only be small changes like font style changes. I agree that the uniform should not see drastic changes as none have been needed ever before. Chris also says that he would not be opposed to an all gold uniform. I am not a fan of the all gold uniform. The home is Black and away white, with an alternate sometimes. Just like the old saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

I could see maybe some stripes being added or taken away along with some minor font changes. Or maybe number style change. I would say if there are only minor thing they want to change then just leave it alone, because minor changes usually turns into a complete overhaul.

We will have to see what Adidas does when the Bruins take the ice in October. Also we may not see any alternate uniforms for the upcoming season as the Adidas transition takes place.

Boston Bruins Jersey Could See A Uniform Change With Adidas Takeover Of Design For New Season
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